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Hot Fudge Stout Floats

Let’s keep it simple this Monday with a three ingredient treat that takes less than five minutes to put together. It’s a classic childhood treat turned adult with a little stout to float the ice cream and hot fudge sauce.

I know this  Hot Chocolate-Stout Float has your inner child gleefully high-fiving you with excitement. With that, I won’t delay you with a bunch of writing. Grab your bottle opener and let’s do this. Cheers to childhood nostalgia turned adult reality.

Get the recipe here and enjoy!

31 Responses to “ Hot Fudge Stout Floats ”

  1. Mmmmm, these floats look amazing!

  2. That looks AMAZING!! Must try!

  3. Great St Patrick’s Day treat!

  4. Gorgeous Naomi!!

  5. I want a glass of this!!

  6. Looks gorgous, Naomi! What a great idea for the winter!

  7. Cheers to childhood nostalgia turned adult reality for sure! These look amazing!

  8. I’ll have 4 please!!

  9. Seriously!! I might fall for an ale if it is served to me like this!

  10. In 1968, I worked at the Irish Pavilion at Hemisphere in San Antonio Texas. Everyday for lunch I would have a guiness and chocolate ice cream float. It has only been recently that the combo has come into vogue – everyone has missed out for years – will have to try this version now. The photography is outstanding.

  11. I’ve never been too sure about the whole idea of an ice cream float made with stout, but it looks like you’re the one who has convinced me. Yum!

  12. Seriously awesome. Like, I am speechless its so awesome but that is really not a good thing to be when writing a comment. ;)

  13. Yum!!! Thank you for sharing this! I included this recipe in my roundup of 17 St. Paddy’s Day Drinks & Desserts:

  14. Hey there,

    My name is Ryanne Wright and I am an editorial assistant intern with Reston Lifestyle Magazine. We are having a St. Patrick’s Day in our upcoming edition, and I would love to include the following recipe in our spread.
    If you could please email me back giving me written authorization to public this recipe, I would really appreciate it!

  15. Gorgeous photos, colors, and recipe! And, ohhhh your words. Always so meaningful and honest. LOVE.

  16. wooohoooo qualifying cookies 24-7 I LOOOOOVVEE it. That sounds like a sweet life to me.

  17. Oh my gosh this looks so good! I am over here drooling over this dish right now. I am all over this. I can’t even stop starring.

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