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Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cakes

Hi, Beth here, assistant digital editor for There aren’t too many down sides of being a food editor. I get to taste test the recipes that are featured in Better Homes and Gardens. I get to try out new food products that are delivered to the office. And I stare at (and write about) beautiful recipes all day. The only downside? Sometimes, I just have to go home and try a particularly delicious-looking recipe. So after weeks of staring at our Gooey Chocolate Pudding Cake, I couldn’t take it any longer. I had try these little gems for myself.

Chocolate lava cakes are amazing. Not only are they better than regular chocolate cake thanks to their gooey molten center, but they’re baked in elegant little ramekins so they’re perfect for a dinner party or a special Valentine’s Day dessert. Heck, these pudding cakes are so easy and delicious, that I’m planning on keeping the recipe for when I just need a bowl of chocolate goodness after a long, tiring day.

I loved how easy these little chocolate cakes were to make. I did have to watch them as they were cooking though. The center stays gooey, but you know the cakes are done when the sides start to pull away from ramekin a bit.

Oh, and did I mention that these gooey pots of chocolate bliss also include Nutella? For those of you not familiar with Nutella, it’s a hazelnut chocolate spread that’s extremely popular in Europe and Australia. It’s adds a hint of nutty flavor and even more chocolate goodness to this dessert. I love Nutella so much I could eat it with a spoon, but I also love dipping pretzels into it for a guilty pleasure snack.

I topped the cakes with some strawberries and vanilla frozen yogurt (since my mom can’t have dairy), put on a pot of coffee, and invited the neighbors over to enjoy this decadent winter dessert. Not surprisingly, the neighbors gobbled their cakes right up! I can’t wait to try the recipe again for my annual Galentine’s Day celebration with my girlfriends on Thursday. Except next time, I’m going to try them with raspberries and coffee ice cream. Yum!

Some keys to success for this post:

  • You definitely want to bake the dessert in ramekins. A lot of desserts are baked in ramekins, and they’re perfect for special occasions. I didn’t own any, so I found a fairly inexpensive set at Target. You can also buy ramekins here.
  • Though the recipe calls for 6 servings, I used all the batter and it only amounted to 4 ramekins, but it depends on how big you like your cakes.
  • When testing for doneness, stick your toothpick in the outer edges of the cakes. Unlike normal cake, for this pudding cake you want to middle to remain gooey.
  • Don’t skip on topping the cake with fruit and ice cream. Strawberries were great, but I might try it again with blueberries or raspberries, too. Also, the recipe calls for coffee ice cream, but any flavor of ice cream will do.
  • You want to eat the cakes right after baking them. While chocolate lava cakes don’t go bad, they are at their best when eaten 10-20 minutes after they’re done baking.
  • Get the recipe here.


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