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Fudgy Port and Cherry Brownies

Hi, it’s Beth again, assistant digital editor for Working in the food department of Better Homes and Gardens means that I get to attend taste panels. Taste panels are when our amazing test kitchen chefs prepare the recipes that will be featured in the magazine months in advance. Some of the best bites of food I’ve ever tasted happened at a BHG taste panel. In fact, the best brownie I’ve ever eaten, happened at a taste panel about three months ago. It was the Fudgy Cherry and Port Brownie developed by baking mastermind and James Beard Award-winning cookbook author Dorie Greenspan. It has reached brownie folklore status around the office. Every food editor has been raving about this brownie for months.

So naturally, when this month’s magazine hit the newsstands, I knew I had to share the delicious brownie recipe with our blog readers. The best (and most surprising) part of making the brownie recipe was how easy it was. I had never cooked with port before,  but all I had to do was cook dried cherries in port on low heat until they plumped up. Then melt a little chocolate, mix it all together, bake it, and top with raspberries. Easy enough. I even found raspberries on sale at the grocery store which I considered to be a January miracle. Another note about this recipe: don’t skimp on the raspberries, people! The brownie gets its delicious fudgy-ness from loads of chocolate and chewy port-soaked cherries, and fresh raspberries complement the richness of the brownies by adding in a tart, lightness.

The hardest part about making these brownies? Not eating them all immediately. Seriously. They are so rich, but so addictive. I forced my friends (and one next-door neighbor I ran into in the hallway) to try the brownies just so I wouldn’t eat every single one in a day. Consider yourself warned. 

Some keys to success for this brownie:

  • Definitely follow the suggestion of covering your brownie pan in foil and buttering it. My brownies didn’t get dried out sides like they normally do, and I’m pretty sure it’s because I used a foil-wrapped pan.
  • You don’t need fancy port. I bought the cheapest port I could find and it still imparted amazing flavor.
  • Fresh raspberries are totally worth the splurge. Plus, they make the brownies look fancy.
  • Want even more tips? Watch the recipe in action here!

I’m excited to make these beautiful brownies again for Valentine’s Day in a couple of weeks. What are you making for Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t planned ahead yet, I highly suggest you give our Fudgy Cherry & Port Brownies a try.


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  1. These have made me famous!

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