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Tres Leches Cake

I guess, I’m on a cake run with last week’s cake and now this one. And holy-cakeness, is this ever a cake. Let’s talk about this traditional Mexican dessert that’s known as a Tres Leches Cake. That simply translates to three milk cake.

Here’s what I love about this tres leche cake recipe, it’s simple in design, made even more simple by using white cake mix. Along with that, the recipe calls for lime zest. I can’t emphasize enough how that one small flavoring takes this cake from good to great. The lime provides a subtle but confident note against the richness of the milks, while the strawberry  gives the ensemble a fruity bite to pull everything together.

As usual I switched things up a bit by flipping the cake from one ten inch pan to two eight inch pans and then sliced it up for a seven layer cake. In doing so, I traded the “skewer and pour” method as the original recipe uses, for brushing the milk mixture on the top and bottom of each layer. From there I lined each layer with plastic wrap and froze it before finishing with the whip cream and strawberries. It’s not necessary to freeze the layers, but it certainly makes for easy handling. Other than that, I stayed true to the recipe.

Now that you know how easy this is to make, click here for the recipe and get baking.

5 Responses to “ Tres Leches Cake ”

  1. It looks very nice and pretty, but I disagree with you naming it Tres leches since your just brush the mix on the layers. What makes a cake a Tres leches is being soak in the mixture, so It must be veeery moist. Yours is a lovely Strawberry Shortcake, not a “Tres Leches”

  2. Try this

  3. Tres leches cake is not made with a regular Cake mix, is made with sponge layers Cake…

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