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Ingredient Obsession: Shrimp Scampi

Something I’ve been seeing more and more of these days is coconut oil. Basically, it’s a healthy animal-free oil that a lot of Vegans use. Since I’m not Vegan in the least, but try out new things here and there, I’ve been purchasing and using coconut oil regularly in place of butter. It bakes and cooks very similar to butter and adds a hint of coconut taste to anything you add it to. I love coconut, so naturally I loved this stuff from the get go.

I couldn’t find any recipes on the BHG site using coconut oil specifically, so I picked a recipe that uses a lot of butter and did a little swap-out. Enter Shrimp Scampi: a quick and easy dinner or appetizer that everyone loves. AND, it takes about 15 minutes to whip up. Here’s how I did mine:

Start out by chopping a bunch of garlic and zesting a lemon. Feel free to chop up parsley too.

You’ll also want to keep your shrimp handy.

Now onto the coconut oil. The original recipe calls for 1/4 cup olive oil and a 1/4 cup of butter. Instead of using the butter, I just used coconut oil. Easy peasy.

So, to make this recipe, you throw all your ingredients into a baking dish or skillet and broil. I used precooked shrimp so didn’t cook ‘em very long. Overcooked shrimp = rubbery and gross. No bueno. If you’re using raw shrimp, then the time listed on the recipe will do. After a quick broil, you have your delicious garlicy, lemony and coconutty shrimp. It’s weirdly and addictingly delicious.

I’d also recommend dunking crusty bread into this hot mess. SO heavenly :)

To print the original Shrimp Scampi recipe, click here.

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