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in-season eats: fall and winter squash

Hi, readers!  My name is Kristin Porter and I’m the blogger behind, where I share mostly-healthy, quick-fix, seasonal recipes, with the occasional decadent dessert thrown in. Because what’s life without a little dessert? That’s another post, though, as today I want to talk to you about squash.

I know, I know. Don’t everyone get too excited at once!

Seriously though, while the squash I remember eating growing up was that of the boiled and mushy variety, over the past several years I’ve learned just how mouthwatering and versatile squash can be. In-season, inexpensive, and currently in every grocery store across the country, there’s nearly no limit to the number of ways you can incorporate everything from butternut and acorn squash, to spaghetti and buttercup squash into your weekly menu.

  • Enhance the natural sweetness of acorn squash by roasting then glazing squash halves with a decadent cinnamon-drizzle, like in Caramelized Acorn Squash.
  • Swap carb-filled pasta for nutritious, crisp-tender strands of spaghetti squash then pair it with hearty chili, like in Spaghetti Squash with Chili.
  • Puree slowly simmered buttercup squash with zingy ginger then top with crisp, chopped apples for a creamy and unique fall soup, like in Ginger-Squash Soup.

One of the most popular varieties of fall and winter squash, which also happens to be my favorite, is butternut squash. Sweet and luxurious when roasted or steamed, and extremely high in vitamins and minerals to boot, butternut squash can be used in everything from silky soups and sweet tarts, to smoothed over Shepherd’s Pie or swirled into spaghetti.

Recently I bought a gorgeous organic butternut squash at the market, and used it to whip up Butternut Squash Mac and Cheese, which my husband and I enjoyed on a cozy Sunday afternoon before the start of a crazy week.

Mac and Cheese is a fall and winter staple at my house, and I love finding new and different ways to jazz it up.

This recipe, which combines hearty rigatoni pasta with velvety butternut squash, smoked gruyere cheese, salty bacon, and sweet onions, is one of the most unique Mac and Cheeses I have ever tried, and will totally tickle and satisfy your taste buds.

A little sweet, a little salty, crunchy, creamy, and over-the-top decadent, I hope you’re able to enjoy this dish, and all the wonderful varieties of fall and winter squash sometime this season!

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6 Responses to “ in-season eats: fall and winter squash ”

  1. Congratulations, Kristin! You do such a nice job with your own blog – now BHG! Thanks for sharing. Wendy

  2. My husband’s crop of butternut squash was plentiful. I tried the Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese and my son and husband loved it! Can’t wait to try the soup and tart featured in your article. Thanks for the recipes.

  3. It is a butternut squash with avocodo in a ceaser salad with almonds and strawberries and also some french dressing drizzled over the top. also for a little extra touch of flavor ad chocolate syrup

  4. Do you have a heart healthy version of the Butternut squash mac & cheese recipe? we have to watch our sodium but it looks delish!

  5. Had never heard of Butternut Squash mac and cheese. I’ve got a package of pre-cut from Costco that I think I’ll have to try this with! Thanks for the idea!

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