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Friday Finds 5.1

Welcome to May everyone! Did you know today is National Chocolate Parfait Day? In honor of layered chocolaty goodness, I’m sharing some of my favorite chocolate parfait recipes. Grab a spoon!

Hip Foodie Mom’s rich Peanut Butter Chocolate Mousse Parfait celebrates the perfection that is chocolate and peanut butter. I love her take on the classic candy cup – made even better with plenty of whipped cream!

The First Year had me at Over the Top Chocolate Cheesecake Oreo Parfaits. Layers upon layers of my favorite cookie – yes, please!

Sometimes I like a little fruit with my chocolate. Just a Taste totally gets that with her delicious Fruit and Brownie Trifles.

No need to wait for cookie season, Cravings of a Lunatic has created Samoa No Bake Cheesecake Parfaits. Chocolate, coconut, caramel — you need to make this!

More of a mint and chocolate person? I Should Be Mopping The Floor has a fabulous recipe for Easy Chocolate Grasshopper Parfaits.


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Kristin Porter

Bacon and Egg Pasta (Gluten-Free Adaptable!)

Hey, hey Delish Dish readers! Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats here for the last time this month, sharing my final (and favorite,) 30 minute recipe from Bacon and Egg Pasta is so easy yet elegant, you’ll be finding any excuse to make it again and again!

Bacon and Egg Pasta

In 2010 my husband and I went on the trip of a lifetime to Italy, spending half of our time in Rome and the other half in the tiny town of Praiano on the Amalfi Coast. I’d been planning the itinerary for nearly a decade after falling in love with the glittering Mediterranean coastline featured in the movie Under The Tuscan Sun. Anyone else want to zip down the road in a convertible while wearing a white dress, hair whipping in the wind, after seeing that movie?

No? Just me and Diane Lane?

Anyway, while in Rome we devoured the most unforgettable pasta dishes like Cacio e Pepe (pasta tossed with cheese and pepper, ) and Spaghetti Carbonara which I recreated at home by adding brussels sprouts. Trust me, You’re going to want to try this. I can spot a spaghetti carbonara recipe a mile away and while the name of this dish is officially Bacon and Egg Pasta, it’s not fooling me, it’s a twist on spaghetti carbonara that you must make for yourself!

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Regular or gluten-free spaghetti is tossed in a custardy sauce spiked with red bell pepper, garlic, a pinch of red pepper flakes, fresh basil, spinach and of course, bacon. Can’t have spaghetti carbonara without it! The result is a fantastically creamy pasta dish that’s special, decadent, and as always, ready in just 30 minutes.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Start by dropping regular or gluten-free spaghetti into a big pot of salted, boiling water. Don’t forget to salt your pasta cooking water – it makes a world of difference taste-wise in the final dish!

While the spaghetti’s cooking, saute salty bacon over medium heat until crispy then scoop onto a paper towel-lined plate to drain, reserving the bacon fat in the skillet.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Saute chopped red bell pepper, minced garlic, and a pinch of red pepper flakes in the fat with white wine, then pour in a mixture of eggs whisked with heavy cream (I used half & half.) Traditionally heavy cream isn’t used in the egg sauce for spaghetti carbonara but I loved it in here because it gave the dish an incredible, custardy richness. Definitely decadent and delicious.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Cook the egg mixture over low heat for a minute then transfer the cooked pasta right over from pot – no need to dirty a strainer. Add the chopped bacon along with fresh basil, spinach, and asiago cheese into the skillet then toss and add ladlefuls of pasta cooking water until the sauce is creamy and evenly coating the pasta.

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Transfer to plates then swirl away. This is one pasta dish that you are going to remember for a long time. I can’t wait to make it again!

Bacon and Egg Pasta

Thank you, Delish Dish readers, for following along this month as I shared my favorite 30 minute meals from I hope you’ll come visit me over at my blog Iowa Girl Eats and, no matter what, happy eating!

BHG Guest Blogger

Chimichurri Chicken

Hi! My name’s Kristen and I’m the creator of a little place called The Endless Meal. If you stop by for a visit you’ll find lots of healthy recipes that are easy to make and full of flavour. I’ve always believed that cooking should be fun and that the best food is uncomplicated. When you start with real ingredients and use simple cooking methods you end up with delicious food. Simple. Healthy. Tasty.


When Better Homes and Gardens asked me to make one of their recipes for you, I was stoked. So many of their recipes are the same type of healthy, uncomplicated and flavourful recipes that I like to share with you on The Endless Meal. I won’t lie though, choosing which recipe to share was super tough; there are so many good ones! It look far more time than I’ll admit for me to choose the winner.

Chimichurri Chicken with Charred Broccolini

I really wanted to share with you an all-in-one dinner recipe that you could get on the table in 30 minutes or less.

This BBQ chicken chimichurri is a breeze to make. Seriously, it took me 25 minutes, from start to finish. I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry the sound of having a proper meal on the table in only 25 minutes kind of rocks. Right?


I did make a couple changes to the original recipe, ’cause that’s just what us chef’s do.


1.     I swapped the chicken breasts for chicken legs. The legs are always more flavourful and you won’t risk drying them out on the BBQ so easily.

2.     I sprinkled 1/2 teaspoon of Spanish paprika and a little cayenne powder over the chicken with the salt and pepper. Extra flavour and colour never hurt anyone!

3.     I also chose to use broccolini instead of green beans. The original recipe calls for steaming them in the microwave, but since I don’t have one of those things, I used the BBQ. And let’s be honest, charred veggies are SO MUCH better than steamed veggies, right?

Chimichurri Chicken with Charred Broccolini

The veggie part of this recipe is actually really flexible. Go ahead and use your favourite veggies, or whatever you have on hand. Just coat them in a little oil and some sea salt and pop them on the BBQ with the chicken about 10 minutes before the chicken is done.


And a word about the BBQ chicken …


You want to make sure to BBQ the chicken on medium-low heat. This will ensure that the chicken will cook through without burning the outside. Never ever BBQ chicken on high heat! You’ll also want to cook it skin side up first, then flip it over about 15 minutes in.


The best way to tell if the chicken is safely cooked is by using an instant read meat thermometer. If you don’t have one I highly recommend picking one up. It’s one of my most used kitchen gadgets.


The USDA recommends cooking chicken to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. You definitely don’t want to eat chicken that has not been cooked to this temperature, but cooking it past this point is really just overkill and will end up drying it out.


Once the chicken legs have been on the BBQ for 20 minutes insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken, making sure to avoid the bone. I always like to test a few spots, just to be extra sure. If everywhere you test reads 165 degrees or more, dinner is ready!

Chimichurri Chicken with Charred Broccolini

You can find the original recipe for this Chimichurri Chicken here.

How would you alter the recipe to make it your own? What veggies would you grill with the chicken? 


Chili Pasta Skillet

I’ve got an amazing, easy-to-make, dinner recipe for you today: Chili Pasta Skillet! It’s so easy – you use just one large skillet and cook everything in it. After the dinner is over, the clean-up is a breeze! Everybody in your family will love this recipe, kids and adults alike!

Mexican recipe, Mexican dinner, Mexican mac and cheese recipe

Flavor-wise, this dish is basically a Mexican-style mac and cheese, made completely from scratch! It looks so delicious and smells so good as it’s cooking – you’ll be tempted to eat it right out of the skillet (in this case you will have really only ONE DISH to clean)! The recipe uses simple ingredients easily found in any pantry. All you do is combine the ingredients in one skillet, including dried elbow pasta:

macaroni and cheese recipe, weeknight dinner, pasta recipe

Mix everything up and cook according to the recipe instructions.

Mexican pasta, pasta with tomatoes, black beans, diced chiles and beef

Click here to get the list of ingredients and directions for this recipe

And, here are the changes I made to the original BHG recipe:

  • The recipe calls for BOTH diced tomatoes AND tomato sauce – I just used one 28 oz can of peeled tomatoes instead. I broke the tomatoes into smaller bite-size pieces right in the skillet.
  • I tripled the amount of elbow macaroni – used 1 and 1/2 cups of dried elbow macaroni (or 6 oz).
  • Because I added extra macaroni, I also added 2/3 cups of water IN ADDITION to 28 oz of canned peeled tomatoes.
  • I added 1 teaspoon of cumin for more robust flavor.
  • The process of preparation is the same as described in the original BHG recipe.

The resulting dish is the deliciousness you see on the photos below! This recipe also easily converts to a gluten-free one by using gluten free brown-rice elbow pasta.

Mexican pasta, comfort food, macaroni and cheese

Katie Parker

Bonus: White House China Service Video!

Check in with White House Curator William Allman, who shares the changes in the China set between Presidents.

White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama

The 7 Things You Need to Know About the New China

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Katie Parker

7 Things to Know about the New White House China Service

(Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

I still can’t get over this work trip. That’s me, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the display of brand-new, just-unveiled, wow-this-is-historic china. Along with a few other journalists, I had the opportunity to visit the White House, meet Mrs. Obama, and gaze longingly at the gold-banded and blue-hued set of dishes unveiled just ahead of a state dinner.



White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama



















Peek into the China Room and meet the White House curator.

Here are seven ways you can impress friends with tidbits on the new set:

1. There are 11 pieces and enough place settings to serve 320.

2. For the first time, the set was manufactured in Illinois.

3. Past presidential china skewed toward primary colors; Mrs. Obama was inspired by the waters off President Obama’s home state of Hawai’i and named this new blue “Kailua Blue.”

4. The Presidential coat of arms appears just three times across the set: On the service plate (the first dish presented at dinner), the dessert plate (the last dish at dinner), and the tea/coffee cup (a dish used the entire dinner).

5. No past presidential set has ever included an individual soup tureen. Mrs. Obama added it after consulting with the White House Executive Chef and others, who were interested in adding soup, small entrees, and ice-cream desserts to the dinner menus.

(Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)

6. The matte-gold detail was picked to match the China sets from presidents Eisenhower, Truman, and Clinton. Now all their dishes can be used together.

7. The gilt-edged white dinner plate mirrors the pinwheels and leaf fronds from the dinner service purchased by James Madison in 1806.

White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama
White House China Service Revealed by First Lady Michelle Obama


Bonus Point: One of the first items that will be presented on the new dishes is this hand-blown sugar tea pot. This is a dinner invite you’d love to receive.