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There’s a big trend going on right now in retail and among the do-it-yourself crowd, and it’s the two tone dipped paint treatment in furniture and accessories.  The technique is referred to around the design community as “dipped” or “dip dye” and it combines the best of both worlds in home decorating – wood tones and pretty paint colors.


dip dye chairs bhg


This trend is a cousin of the ombre fad and the enthusiasm for using colored dye to dip textiles or clothing.  The dipped look for furniture is a simple DIY treatment involving two ingredients: painter’s tape and your vibrant paint color of choice.  

To get the look, simply choose the point where you want to stop the paint color and keep the wood exposed.   Choose one-third or halfway up as your starting point where you want the paint to stop and apply the tape.  Next, simply paint the chair or table legs for a fun dose of color.   

The same treatment works on console tables, stools, and home accessories as well, and brings a fun two tone look to a store bought furniture or decor. 


dipped chair legs


Looking for retail options instead?  Here is a roundup of dipped furniture and accessories available for the home!

 dipped accessories

From top left: Bread Board, Terrain, $228; Spice Cellar, Leif, $45; Dipped Wood Knife Block, Terrain, $20; Dipped Servers, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, $38; Candleholders, Bo Concept, $19 each; Dip Dyed Stool, Serena & Lily, $68; Blue Vases, West Elm, $24-89; Perette Container, Woonwinkel, $168; Windsor Love Seat, Anthropologie, $1,498;  Milking Stool, Um Project;


Are you a fan of this creative and fun two tone dip dye trend?   



Geometrics have reigned on the interior design scene for several years with the popularity of trellis and chevron surging to the top of the list, but there’s a new kid in town popping up everywhere and that is the polygonal shape. It’s especially prominent in lighting choices this year, and several retailers are offering unique chandeliers, pendants, and lamps in these polygonal shapes.

The word “polygon” comes from the Latin ‘polygoumn’  meaning “many angled” and the definition can include hexagon (6 sided), octagon (8 sided), or dodecagon (12 sided) from a planar perspective.  Turn them all into three dimensional figures like the ones seen below and now we’re looking at works of art that put sharp angles in the interior design spotlight once again.



faceted chandelier bhg



faceted orange lamp bhg

The polygonal trend is not just in light fixtures, this geometric sensation is making it’s way into home accessories too.   Here are some style picks I’ve spied in recent weeks!


faceted collection bhg

From top left:  Hexagon Wallpaper, Cole & Son; Squares Wallpaper, Ferm Living; Dustin Wood Pendant, Circa Lighting, $506; Aspect Pendant, Bobbie Berk Home, $430; Rock Pendant, ABC Home, $752; Capiz Pendant, Furbish, $545; Lauren Honeycomb, Shades of Light, $569; Delta Lamp by Robert Abbey, Candelabra Home, $106;  Faceted Terrarium, Shop Griege, $68; Candleholder, Haus Interior, $110; Faceted Bookends, Hinge Design Studio, $60; Glacier Vase, Wayfair, $140; Lauren Dodecahedron Lamp, Harbinger LA;  Hoshi Table Lamp, Home Decorators, $209; Crinkle Tissue Dispenser, Switch Modern, $32; Senet Stool, The Cross Design, $840; Origami Table, West Elm, $399; Euklides ChairWood Veneer Vase, Supermarket, $30;  8’ x 10’ Odeon Dhurrie Rug, Z Gallerie, $500; 8’ x 10’ Facet Rug, Loft Home, $935.


What’s your opinion of this latest design trend?  Would you include any faceted fixtures or other polygonal shape accessories in your home?




One of the hottest trends that’s still going strong is in the incorporation of warm metallic tones in a space in the form of antique gold and brass.  In truth, the use of golden finishes should not be labeled trendy since gold is a timeless finish that has appeared in design for centuries.  We’re now witnessing how it has surged to the forefront of design yet again and many retailers are offering new or reinvented pieces in this popular finish. 

Gold leaf frames and brass accessories have a classic appeal and when arranged together in different sizes and shapes or groupings, add that ‘collected over time’ feel to any space.


gold mirrors bhg


gold frame and accents


Antique gold mirrors or burnished brass sconces bring warmth and elegance when used as accents in any space from the bedroom to the living room.   


gold mirrors coral bedroom bhg


Loving the look?  Here’s a few hand selected items to pull these warm metallic tones into your own home!


gold and brass accents bhg



From top left: Wilderness Wallpaper, Firm Living; Word Play Wallpaper, Burke Decor; Acquamiki Suspension Lamp, Horne, $740; Gold Scroll Ceiling Medallion, Horchow, $275; Bea Accent Stool, Candelabra, $420; Gold Placemat, Z Gallerie, 19; Gold Zig Zag tray, Up in the Air on Etsy, $98; Keyhole Table Lamp, Shades of Light, $399; Gold Sphere Salt + Pepper, Vivre, $395; Hammered Bowls, Clayton Gray Home, $220; Gold Pickup Truck, Horne, $180; Honeycomb Mirror, Wisteria, $115; Wheat Sconces,1st Dibs; Meurice Mirror, Jonathan Adler, $250; Golden Geometric Tray, Horchow, $425; Heart of Gold Finial, ChicShopLA, $55; Arteriors Brass Cart, Lamps Plus, $1,140; Gold Leaf Side Table, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams;  World’s Away Gold Leaf Desk, Zinc Door, $1,098.


What about you, do you have antique brass or gold accents in your home? 



There are a lot of home accessories appearing in stores that are making one subject of science popular again and that’s geology.  Geology is the study of the rocks of the Earth and what they reveal about its history and while some might consider it that uninteresting subject you skipped in college, one thing is true, geological rocks make stunning “jewelry” for the home!

The hottest rock right now is agate, a microcrystalline form of silica found in various forms of volcanic rock.  It’s formed when cavities in the volcanic rock are penetrated with gasses and/or water that contains silica, and over time the layers and bands are produced inside the rock. One form of agate appears as layers of chalcedony on the outside with crystalline quartz on the inside.  Another form is known as banded agate, and when cut transversely, it reveals a succession of dramatic lines in a variety of colors.  But did you know that those saturated hues in brightly colored agate come from a unique dyeing process? 

Petrified wood is another geologically formed fossil appearing in home décor.  It’s formed when the organic stem tissue of a tree or plant has been replaced by mineral deposits but it still retains the appearance of its original structure. Quartz is another abundant mineral which comes in shades from rose to milky to smoky, and while often used for jewelry, can make a stunning home accent as well.

A few weeks ago I was shopping a popular discount store for designer goods and stumbled across two agate bookends that were so striking, I brought them home for my bookshelves.  At $20 for the pair, they became the perfect piece of “jewelry” for my own home.     


blue agate bookends



If you’re a lover of geology as jewelry for your home, take a peek at a few of these accessories:whats hot geology


From top left:  Eclipse Chandelier, Emporium Home; Silk Pillow Cover, West Elm, $20; Gavin Table, Mathew Studios, Agate Clock, Vivre, $85, Agate Stacking Boxes, Lille, $95-140, Petrified Wood Bookends, Anthropologie, $148, Quartz Lamp, Shades of Light, $499, Azure Spreaders, Vivre, $60, Decorative Finial, Chic Shop LA, $65; Green Agate Bookends, Phoenix Orion, $42; Pedra Coasters, Rablabs, 4 for $68; Carina Box, RabLabs, $168-260; Whorled Felt Rug, Anthropologie, $698


What about you?  Got any geological formations posing as accents in your home too? 





Last week we looked at installing classic beadboard, but today we’re taking a closer look at patterned wallpaper.  One of the design elements that continues to be hot in interior design right now is the use of modern wallpaper in bold prints.   Many who have had to remove the old now have an aversion, but it’s time to take a fresh look at wallpaper again, since today’s patterns are a designer and homeowner’s dream.  Large scale florals, damasks, geometrics, and retro patterns offer one more opportunity to layer playful or sophisticated pattern in your home.

Say goodbye to granny’s miniature pastel florals or wallpaper borders of the past, this century everything from subtle tone-on-tone to textured to larger scale patterns are now available, and it’s the reason why wallpaper has made a huge comeback in the last few years.


bold floral wallpaper bhg


Dining rooms are the perfect place to experiment with elegant wallpaper patterns on an accent wall like this beautiful golden feather pattern on a blue backdrop.


golden feather wallpaper dining room bhg


This blue damask in the entry is modern twist on a traditional pattern and makes a stunning first impression in the entry.


damask blue wallpaper bhg


If your considering the idea of adding pattern to your home with wallpaper, but want to reserve it for a smaller space, the bathroom is the perfect place!  A vintage inspired retro geometric adds panache to this bathroom suite.


mod wallpaper bhg


And a beautiful modern floral in shades of deep pink and lavender adds whimsy and color to this fresh botanical inspired bathroom.


bathroom wallpaper bhg


So perhaps you’re wondering where to begin your search for a pattern that suites your tastes?   Here are 12 retailers to get you started, simply click the image for the wallpaper source!

tthi romo button farrowandball ferm
antrho nama cole and son graham
walnut Aimee kreme york


If you’re afraid you won’t be able to tackle the installation yourself, fear not!  Here’s an informative video tutorial for applying wallpaper that will help you install your favorite.  In one afternoon, you can have a completely reinvented space with an fresh new pattern that’s sure to add plenty of personality to your home.



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