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I’ve lived with slipcovered furniture for years, I find as long as the slipcovers are tailored, the look isn’t sloppy at all, but rather casual, cozy, and chic.  I have slipcovered sofas in my family room and slipcovered dining chairs too, and with young children living in our home, they are a very practical choice.

If you prefer light and bright spaces, slipcovers allow you to decorate with paler fabrics since by nature they can be removed and washed.  Slipcovers take the worry out of living with light fabrics since any small stain or smudge can be removed with a wash when life happens. 

white slipcovered sofas bhg


Many people gasp at the idea of a white sofa or dining chairs, but if you’ve chosen a slipcovered option, keeping them clean is as simple as a cycle through the laundry and a bit of bleach if necessary. 


white slipcovered dining chairs bhg

white slipcovered sofa bhg


Choosing slipcovers for your home lends a cottage or coastal feel to your spaces, and creates an inviting place to kick off your shoes and curl up with a great book, your tablet, or your laptop. 


white slipcovered chairs bhg


Slipcovered fabrics are only as convenient as they are washable, and often the linen versions are dry clean only, but the benefit is they can still be removed and treated if spills occur, which is far more challenging with upholstered furniture.


slipcovered dining chairs bhg


Two slipcovered pieces I personally endorse are the Pottery Barn Basic sofas, which we have in our family room and the Ballard Designs Couture Chairs and Slipcovers, which we have in our dining room.  We’ve lived with both for years, and find them stylish, comfortable, and easy to wash. 

Do you live with slipcovered furniture in your home?  If so, what are your favorite pieces, and can you share any maintenance tips?



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