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Back-to-school days are here again, and as the mom of two kids in elementary school, it’s important for me to feel prepared on Day One.  I’m spending some time getting organized for the big day coming up next week, tackling the kitchen junk drawer and readying the family computer armoire that also functions as a study station.  

With homework and school projects looming, I started organizing school, home, and office supplies and in the process, compiled ten clever ways to corral all that small but oh-so-necessary stuff we need at home. 

1.  Ready and Waiting.   A colorful drink caddy serves up back-to-school readiness instead of refreshments when the glasses are used to store pens and office supplies.


drink caddy organizer bhg


2.  Mess-less Muffin Tins.   No need to bake with this clever solution to use a muffin tin as a drawer compartmentalizer to hold all those things that without it get lost at the bottom.


cupcake tin compartments


3.  Clever Caddy.    A shower organizer is easily reinvented as a creative storage solution for correspondence and wrapping supplies.  


shower caddy stationery supply bhg


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A busy family can quickly make for a messy home unless there are tools in place to keep clutter at bay on the home front.  I’ve been thinking of ways to increase the order around my house and found these ten smart ideas for keeping the family more organized at home.   


1.  Tuck a small office filled with family schedules into a niche in a main room, and include places for charging gadgets and phones while you catch up on mail and bills.   

family organization nook bhg



2.   Place a bench into a main traffic area complete with cubbies for shoes and bins for frequently used objects.

entry bench with cubbies bhg



3.  Use a shoe organizer suspended on the back of a door for a different purpose, instead to corral knick knacks or kitchen utensils. 

back of door organizer bhg


4.   Label bright colored buckets for each child or for objects to ease the organization process of sports equipment or toys.   


individual family buckets



5.  Create a reminder zone inside a commonly used kitchen cabinet and keep office supplies suspended nearby.      


office tools in cabinet bhg



6.  Hang wall organizers to minimize paper clutter and assign each one to a family member to keep track of sports schedules, homework, or other important paperwork.


wall organizers bhg


7.  Apply chalkboard paint to doors in a community zone to remind family members of upcoming events, chores, or tasks.  


chalkboard doors bhg


8.  Invest in subdividers for deep drawers to help you save time finding small objects and to avoid piles of tangled household necessities that are difficult to differentiate from each other. 


subdivided drawers bhg


9.   Make gift wrap, ribbon, and cards easily accessible with a back door organizer to be ready at a moment’s notice when that next birthday party invitation arrives.


door wrapping paper organizer bhg



10.  Dedicate some wall space for tall cubbies in an entry, one for each family member’s shoes, backpacks and outerwear.  


cubbies for kids bhg


Having a place for everything is the key to avoiding unnecessary clutter and always knowing where to find the important things when you need them.  What is your best trick you can share that helps you keep your family organized on a daily basis?  


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