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how to hang a chandelier

Most homes and apartments have a dining space for the obvious function of serving and enjoying meals.  However our dining spaces need not be just functional, they’re a fabulous opportunity for personal expression in home decorating.  The one way to ensure your dining space has flair is with a unique light fixture suspended overhead to make an original style statement.



Modern fixtures have come a long way and the talents of designers provide us with so many varied choices that you’re sure to find one that feels right for you.

Whether you choose a scrolled fixture or one with clean lines, an orb or a tiered chandelier, these days the options are endless.  The more modern fixtures now include a variety of textures from rope to wood, bronze to blown glass, brass, resin, gold leaf, and capiz shell, the list goes on.  The dining space is your opportunity to make a big impact and inject personality into your home in an unexpected way.



A few tips on selecting and hanging lighting:

- Choose a chandelier that appeals to your tastes, not one solely for resale (unless of course you’re staging your home for sale.)  A dining room chandelier is an easy fixture to replace and one you can take with you should you move in the future.  It’s perfectly fine to mix modern shades with traditional furniture and vice versa.

- When selecting lighting for a dining room table, it’s more important to size the chandelier to the table rather than the room. A good rule of thumb is to make sure your chandelier is one half to two thirds the width of the table. A chandelier that is too small for the dining space can look out of place and has little impact.

- For the proper hanging height, the bottom of the chandelier should be about 30 to 34 inches above the table, low enough to create a focal point in the space, but high enough not to interfere with conversation.

- Remember your chandelier should not be the main source of lighting in the dining room. Wall sconces, lamps, or other overhead lighting should be part of the lighting design plan too. A chandelier that radiates too much heat or light can be uncomfortable for you and your guests.

- Most designers agree on the importance of dimmer switches. Nothing creates more ambiance than lighting turned down during intimate gatherings.

Here are a dozen modern chandeliers that if suspended over your dining table are sure to add a dash of panache.


From top left:  Axel Orb by Currey & Co, Candelabra, $1,971; Turquoise Empire Chandelier, Marjorie Skouras, see showrooms; Breck Chandelier, Maison Luxe, $1,500; Black Crystal Chandelier, Brocade Home, $699; Moooi Dandelion Pendant, Light Wholesale, $620;  Grayson Glass, Oly Studio, see locationsFlowerfall, Oly Studio, see showrooms; Rectangle capiz, West Elm, $299;  Driftwood Orb, Burke Decor, $1,200;  Boja Rattan Pendant, IKEA, $60;  Calais Chandelier, Z Gallerie, $399; Serena Drum Chandelier, Jayson Home, $2,995

Happy decorating!

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