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Simple & Elegant Easter Decor

March is the the month we officially welcome spring, and it’s a favorite time of year as nature begins its annual ritual of blooming and growing again. The Easter holiday is when friends and family gather to celebrate with traditions of egg hunts and special meals. In anticipation, I gathered some simple and elegant ideas to inspire your entertaining and decorating around the home.

Pull out your pastel dishes to create a sweet seasonal vignette on an open shelf or cabinet to welcome the arrival of the season.

pastel dishes for easter bhg

Tulips are one of the floral symbols of the season, display them in unexpected ways such as a teapot and accompanying stacked cups. Hyacinth and lily of the valley are also complementary and symbolic spring bouquets.

teapot and teacup tulips

Delicate quail eggs framed with pretty papers in shadow boxes are an elegant spring inspired gallery wall that you’ll want to keep on display all year round.

framed eggs on wall bhg

Blossoming branches are the first sign of the season but if the real ones are unavailable or not quite ready in your region, recreate the look with hot glue and faux pink blooms for branches and blossoms that lasts for months.

cherry blossom branches bhg

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Holiday Decorating DIY Projects

Greetings to everyone on this three day weekend!  I was just getting in the mood for the upcoming holiday decorating season by looking through the gallery of fun DIY projects I’ve created over the past few years – hopefully they might inspire you too!

Create a marabou feather tree with dowel rods and feather boas from a craft store.

marabou feather tree



Stitch a simple sew fur trimmed tree skirt to add a bit of glam under your tree.

 fur lined tree skirt


Make a fresh boxwood kissing ball with evergreen springs and foam.


boxwood kissing ball


Craft paper straw snowflakes for tree ornaments or to use as unique gift wrap.


paper straw snowflakes


Turn an ordinary office supply corkboard into a tree shaped card holder with fabric, ribbon, and nail heads for a one-of-a-kind way to display holiday cards. 


holiday card holder


Express a seasonal sentiment with a DIY candle created with a glass vessel, microwaveable candle wax, cardstock letters, and paint!

 wish candle


For even more holiday DIY projects, hop on over to the holiday decorating project gallery!


What plans do you have to create something new this holiday season?