Haunts Around the House

Halloween is such a fun holiday for young and old and the day is drawing near for creative costumes, festive parties, and trick-or-treating.  To get in the mood and set the scene around your home, here are a dozen crafty ideas for adding a haunted vignette to your spaces in an afternoon.    

Cutout Halloween motifs with black paper or vinyl and adhere them to white plates and platters inside your hutch.    

halloween hutch bhg


Use black foam and white paint to create creepy coasters or placemats for your haunted tabletop.

spider web coasters bhg


Wrap glass vessels in gauze and insert googly eyes for a whimsical mummy container that holds snack or party treats.  

100899031 copy


Use stickers on colored paper or computer printed covers to bind spooky books filled with spells and wicked words. 

halloween book bindings bhg


Cutout faces with orange and black construction paper to make jack-o-lanterns and use battery operated candles to light them up at sunset.  


jack o lanterns bhg


Ghost cutouts framed behind glass bring haunted fun to your bookshelf or mantel.

frightful ghosts art bhg


Attach skeletons to your glassware for a fun embellishment at snack time (download the dancing template here.)  

dancing skeletons on glasses bhg


The frame from a broken umbrella becomes a haunted chandelier frame when decorated with webs, spiders, and mini lanterns.

web chandelier bhg


Spray paint branches black and add a few ravens for an eerie display in your entry.

black branches and ravens bhg


A doily turns a plain black pillow into a whimsical spider web when attached with fabric glue and embellished with string or paint. 

lace doily spiderweb pillow bhg


Keep the decorating simple by adding plastic spiders and ravens or crows to your existing vignettes around the house.  

spider invasion bhg


Cut a tree from black craft paper and add family silhouettes for a spooky scene in your living room.  (Tree template available here.)

black paper tree bhg


Have you crafted anything special for your Halloween home this month?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! 




Painted Pumpkin Parade

There are countless ways to carve a pumpkin in the days before Halloween, but if you want to have some fun decorating pumpkins without carving them, paint and a little creativity are your best friends!  Here are ten different ways to add a dash of panache to a pumpkin with just a little paint!

Create plaid, geometric, or leaf motifs by freehand application or by sketching with a template before adding the painted design.

plaid pumpkins bhg


Use a thin artist’s brush or even a black Sharpie to add a welcome message.

Vermont Halloween Party


Bat silhouettes painted on mini white pumpkins and suspended on garden stakes will greet your guests at they come up the front path.

suspended bat pumpkins bhg


Stripes, flowers, or zig zags can dress up your pumpkins in the traditional Halloween color palette. 

striped pumpkin vase bhg


Use the natural creases of a pumpkin as your guide for painting a creepy web – embellish with spiders for an eerie effect.

painted web pumpkin bhg


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