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It’s fun to observe what is on the horizon in interior design, what styles have staying power, and what looks are simply trends that will pass.  Industrial chic has been a popular look in design for quite some time with galvanized and oxidized metal furnishings and fixtures popping up in retail stores, and making an appearance in kitchens, offices, and dining spaces.    


industrial metal stools in kitchen bhg


Cage lighting and open storage units that combine metal framing with reclaimed wood are all the rage, popular in commercial stores for their open display and in restaurants because they introduce a contemporary cool vibe.


stainless shelving wood crates bhg


Industrial is criticized by some as cold, but when layered with other styles from traditional to cottage, a unique industrial pendant or set of stools make a chic statement in a space.


industrial stools wood table bhg



Layers of texture always add interest to a room and metal surfaces are yet another finish to consider when decorating your home.  If you’re looking to introduce some touches of industrial to any of your spaces, here are a few favorite picks!  

industrial decor bhg


From top left: Basket Chandelier, Junkyard Lighting, $189; Backless Stool (three colors), Barn Light Electric, $385; Wire Crate Chandelier, Terrain, $1,398; Magazine Rack, Urban Outfitters, $129; Metal Pharmacy Cabinet, Restoration Hardware, $395; Extender Lamp, Hudson Goods, $595; Tabouret Barstools, Set of 2, Overstock, $99; Metal Office Storage, Restoration Hardware, $75; Coffee Table, Hudson Goods, $895; Quindici Metal Cabinet, Napa Style, $1,799; Bar Cart, Clayton Gray Home, $1,105; Aiden Etagere, World Market, $219; Steel Chest, Clayton Gray Home, $4,150


Are you a fan of industrial decor?  Do you find these accents too cold or très chic?





There’s a big trend going on right now in retail and among the do-it-yourself crowd, and it’s the two tone dipped paint treatment in furniture and accessories.  The technique is referred to around the design community as “dipped” or “dip dye” and it combines the best of both worlds in home decorating – wood tones and pretty paint colors.


dip dye chairs bhg


This trend is a cousin of the ombre fad and the enthusiasm for using colored dye to dip textiles or clothing.  The dipped look for furniture is a simple DIY treatment involving two ingredients: painter’s tape and your vibrant paint color of choice.  

To get the look, simply choose the point where you want to stop the paint color and keep the wood exposed.   Choose one-third or halfway up as your starting point where you want the paint to stop and apply the tape.  Next, simply paint the chair or table legs for a fun dose of color.   

The same treatment works on console tables, stools, and home accessories as well, and brings a fun two tone look to a store bought furniture or decor. 


dipped chair legs


Looking for retail options instead?  Here is a roundup of dipped furniture and accessories available for the home!

 dipped accessories

From top left: Bread Board, Terrain, $228; Spice Cellar, Leif, $45; Dipped Wood Knife Block, Terrain, $20; Dipped Servers, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, $38; Candleholders, Bo Concept, $19 each; Dip Dyed Stool, Serena & Lily, $68; Blue Vases, West Elm, $24-89; Perette Container, Woonwinkel, $168; Windsor Love Seat, Anthropologie, $1,498;  Milking Stool, Um Project;


Are you a fan of this creative and fun two tone dip dye trend?   



Travel abroad is inspiring for all of the sights, sounds, and flavors we experience, but it also has a dramatic impact on the way we decorate our homes.   Design elements from the east have influenced interior design over the decades, and internationally inspired accessories are again surging in popularity.  

Global inspired textiles possess amazing hues in spice and jewel tones arranged in traditional or bold patterns crafted with threads of saturated color.   Many retailers and designers have been so inspired by their own travels they are now including Moroccan or Indian inspired fabrics or accessories in their seasonal collections. 


global inspired textiles bhg


Remaining in the interior design spotlight are quatrefoil and trellis patterns, burnished metals and carved wood furniture.  Suzani and Ikat patterns from Asia continue to be as en vogue as Dhurrie and Kilim rugs, block prints from India, and lanterns and pendants with Moorish styling.   

   global inspired textiles and pillows bhg


global inspired pillows bhg


Adding colors and patterns inspired by Morocco, Turkey, and India to your home will add an air of the exotic to your spaces.  Here are some of my favorite style picks this season!  

  global inspired accessories bhg


From top left:  Quatrefoil Mirror, Shades of Light, $329; Silver Hanging Lamps, Viva Terra, $295-$485; Marrakesh Tray Table, Pottery Barn, $399; Hexagon Table, Clayton Gray Home, $675; Casablanca Lanterns, Z Gallerie, $15; Metal Ball Pendant, World Market, $70; Marrakech Curtain, Anthropologie, $168; Gold and Blue Wall Panels, Horchow, $975; Gather & Glean Pillow, Anthropologie, $188; Embroidered Suzani Pillow, Sukan on Etsy, $149; Bone Photo Frame, Wisteria, $39; Multicolored Suzani Pillow, John Robshaw, $275; Kilim Floor Pouf, West Elm, $249; Suzani Doormat, Wisteria, $34; Vintage Suzani, Jayson Home, $795;  Carved wood daybed, Mosaic House; Vintage Moroccan Carpet, Madeline Wienrib; Antique Settee, Jayson Home, $3,495; Sumba Stool, Serena & Lily $98; Carved Wood Table, World Market, $399; 8 x 10’ Karmen Medallion Rug, Pottery Barn, $799

Raise your hand if you’re a fan of global inspired textiles!  Have you brought any internationally inspired decor into your home, or incorporated a favorite accessory from your trip abroad?  




It’s hard to ignore the popularity of Ikat textiles in home decor and interior design this year, and this global pattern is appearing everywhere in large and small scale, from rugs to furniture to accessories.

The word Ikat (pronounced “ee-cot”) means “to tie” or “to bind” and comes from the unique method of weaving that creates the iconic pattern.  It requires first tying off the threads in bundles before dyeing them, and then later weaving the cloth together on the loom using a weft, warp, or double Ikat method.  In modern times, the motif is created through either woven or printing methods, and is readily available in any color palette of choice.


ikat chair bhg


The characteristic markings of Ikat introduce a global vibe into the home.  The trademark motifs were brought over from the east centuries ago and they’ve been embraced by westerners ever since.

Many retails now offer furnishings upholstered in Ikat such as sofas, slipper chairs, and ottomans.  For custom work, there are dozens of textile designers that offer their own unique patterns and colorways, and it plays well with other fabrics, especially stripes and solids.


ikat red chairs bhg


If you’re feeling bold, introduce Ikat into your home with an upholstered headboard, sofa, or chair, and if not, it’s equally fabulous used in smaller doses, including pillows, trays, and dishes.


ikat pillows

Here are a few of my favorite pieces large and small now available for the home!


centsational style ikat for the home

From top left: Island Ikat Wallpaper, Thibaut; Green Plug In Chandelier, Lamps Plus, $130; Robert Allen Raspberry Ikat, Fabric.com, $23/yd; Annette Tatum Diamond Teal, Fabric.com, $9/yd; Raspberry Ikat Pillow, Sheridan French, $198; Nesting Bowls, C Wonder, $58; Window Panel, Urban Outfitters, $20; Adler Melamine Tray, Macy’s, $48; Eco Blanket, Wayfair, $115; Kenza Dinnerware, Z Gallerie, $48 (four plates); Ikat Boxes, Wayfair, $150; Citrine PIllow, Dwell Studio, $80;  Ikat Chair, World Market, $180; Photo Frames, Layla Grace, $30;  Glass Tray World Market, $5; Set of Four Placemats, Williams-Sonoma, $49; Rebecca Sofette, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams, $1,495; Bliss Ottoman, West Elm, $549; ‘6 x 9’ Safaveih, Lamps Plus, $649; 7’ x 9’ Light Blue Rug, Rugs USA, $492

Are you a fan of the Ikat pattern, and have you used it in your home?


One of the hottest trends that’s still going strong is in the incorporation of warm metallic tones in a space in the form of antique gold and brass.  In truth, the use of golden finishes should not be labeled trendy since gold is a timeless finish that has appeared in design for centuries.  We’re now witnessing how it has surged to the forefront of design yet again and many retailers are offering new or reinvented pieces in this popular finish. 

Gold leaf frames and brass accessories have a classic appeal and when arranged together in different sizes and shapes or groupings, add that ‘collected over time’ feel to any space.


gold mirrors bhg


gold frame and accents


Antique gold mirrors or burnished brass sconces bring warmth and elegance when used as accents in any space from the bedroom to the living room.   


gold mirrors coral bedroom bhg


Loving the look?  Here’s a few hand selected items to pull these warm metallic tones into your own home!


gold and brass accents bhg



From top left: Wilderness Wallpaper, Firm Living; Word Play Wallpaper, Burke Decor; Acquamiki Suspension Lamp, Horne, $740; Gold Scroll Ceiling Medallion, Horchow, $275; Bea Accent Stool, Candelabra, $420; Gold Placemat, Z Gallerie, 19; Gold Zig Zag tray, Up in the Air on Etsy, $98; Keyhole Table Lamp, Shades of Light, $399; Gold Sphere Salt + Pepper, Vivre, $395; Hammered Bowls, Clayton Gray Home, $220; Gold Pickup Truck, Horne, $180; Honeycomb Mirror, Wisteria, $115; Wheat Sconces,1st Dibs; Meurice Mirror, Jonathan Adler, $250; Golden Geometric Tray, Horchow, $425; Heart of Gold Finial, ChicShopLA, $55; Arteriors Brass Cart, Lamps Plus, $1,140; Gold Leaf Side Table, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams;  World’s Away Gold Leaf Desk, Zinc Door, $1,098.


What about you, do you have antique brass or gold accents in your home? 



There are a lot of home accessories appearing in stores that are making one subject of science popular again and that’s geology.  Geology is the study of the rocks of the Earth and what they reveal about its history and while some might consider it that uninteresting subject you skipped in college, one thing is true, geological rocks make stunning “jewelry” for the home!

The hottest rock right now is agate, a microcrystalline form of silica found in various forms of volcanic rock.  It’s formed when cavities in the volcanic rock are penetrated with gasses and/or water that contains silica, and over time the layers and bands are produced inside the rock. One form of agate appears as layers of chalcedony on the outside with crystalline quartz on the inside.  Another form is known as banded agate, and when cut transversely, it reveals a succession of dramatic lines in a variety of colors.  But did you know that those saturated hues in brightly colored agate come from a unique dyeing process? 

Petrified wood is another geologically formed fossil appearing in home décor.  It’s formed when the organic stem tissue of a tree or plant has been replaced by mineral deposits but it still retains the appearance of its original structure. Quartz is another abundant mineral which comes in shades from rose to milky to smoky, and while often used for jewelry, can make a stunning home accent as well.

A few weeks ago I was shopping a popular discount store for designer goods and stumbled across two agate bookends that were so striking, I brought them home for my bookshelves.  At $20 for the pair, they became the perfect piece of “jewelry” for my own home.     


blue agate bookends



If you’re a lover of geology as jewelry for your home, take a peek at a few of these accessories:whats hot geology


From top left:  Eclipse Chandelier, Emporium Home; Silk Pillow Cover, West Elm, $20; Gavin Table, Mathew Studios, Agate Clock, Vivre, $85, Agate Stacking Boxes, Lille, $95-140, Petrified Wood Bookends, Anthropologie, $148, Quartz Lamp, Shades of Light, $499, Azure Spreaders, Vivre, $60, Decorative Finial, Chic Shop LA, $65; Green Agate Bookends, Phoenix Orion, $42; Pedra Coasters, Rablabs, 4 for $68; Carina Box, RabLabs, $168-260; Whorled Felt Rug, Anthropologie, $698


What about you?  Got any geological formations posing as accents in your home too? 





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