Seasonal Decor

In December, we all turn our thoughts to decking the halls in holiday style and Mother Nature offers us an abundant amount of decor.  When brought indoors, evergreens bring the festivity of the season along with them.  Here is a collection of ideas to inspire some simple and natural holiday displays around your home too. 

A bay leaf garland swaged with colorful ribbon on a staircase and tall winter berry stems in colorful vases instantly brighten an entry.      


bay leaf garland and berry stems bhg


Boxwood draped in front of a window makes a simple yet elegant statement.   Use the extra clippings on your tabletop with a medley of fresh fruit, candles, and your favorite decorations to form an effortless display that lasts all month long.


swag garland over window and evergreen centerpiece bhg


Cedar guarantees glorious scent when suspended casually around the home on a shelf or mantel.  Paper reindeer ornaments are a whimsical nod to Santa’s sleigh ride.  


christmas garland on shelf bhg


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The holidays are upon us and I’m in full preparation mode, are you?  I try to get a jump start on a some of the holiday decor before Thanksgiving so it doesn’t feel so rushed in December. 

One of the ways to count down to Christmas is with an advent calendar, and it’s especially fun if you’ve got kids at home.  Kids love the surprise of small treats while they anxiously await the arrival of Santa.  Advent calendars can be simple or ones that you create with a few hours of crafting.  To inspire, here are a few fun ideas from the Better Homes & Gardens gallery to consider if you plan to incorporate the advent calendar tradition in your family’s holiday festivities. 

Adhere tins topped with numbers to a wreath form with glued magnets and fill them with treats for a daily sweet surprise. 

advent wreath bhg


Boxes of all shapes and sizes can be embellished and numbered as mini gifts are unwrapped and enjoyed leading up to Christmas Day. 

decorated boxes for advent bhg


Patterned paper bags filled with treats and suspended from rope strung across a window are a fun way to brighten your kitchen or family room and keep the tradition front and center. 

paper bag advent


A wooden box with doors can be painted with each door labeled with a number – pull it out every year and hang it on the wall to increase the holiday excitement around the house! 

wood cabinet advent bhg


Use stocking caps (or mini mittens!) suspended in a row to hide trinkets or sweets in the countdown to Christmas. 

stocking cap advent bhg


Small colorful envelopes numbered for each day make perfect hiding spots for loving notes or sweet little trinkets.  

envelope advent bhg


If you’re less inclined to fill 24 boxes, print clues on pieces of paper where other prizes may hide around the house with 12 envelopes attached to a bulletin board. 

condensed advent bhg

Do you celebrate the season of Advent with a calendar or other traditions? Do share!



Halloween is such a fun holiday for young and old and the day is drawing near for creative costumes, festive parties, and trick-or-treating.  To get in the mood and set the scene around your home, here are a dozen crafty ideas for adding a haunted vignette to your spaces in an afternoon.    

Cutout Halloween motifs with black paper or vinyl and adhere them to white plates and platters inside your hutch.    

halloween hutch bhg


Use black foam and white paint to create creepy coasters or placemats for your haunted tabletop.

spider web coasters bhg


Wrap glass vessels in gauze and insert googly eyes for a whimsical mummy container that holds snack or party treats.  

100899031 copy


Use stickers on colored paper or computer printed covers to bind spooky books filled with spells and wicked words. 

halloween book bindings bhg


Cutout faces with orange and black construction paper to make jack-o-lanterns and use battery operated candles to light them up at sunset.  


jack o lanterns bhg


Ghost cutouts framed behind glass bring haunted fun to your bookshelf or mantel.

frightful ghosts art bhg


Attach skeletons to your glassware for a fun embellishment at snack time (download the dancing template here.)  

dancing skeletons on glasses bhg


The frame from a broken umbrella becomes a haunted chandelier frame when decorated with webs, spiders, and mini lanterns.

web chandelier bhg


Spray paint branches black and add a few ravens for an eerie display in your entry.

black branches and ravens bhg


A doily turns a plain black pillow into a whimsical spider web when attached with fabric glue and embellished with string or paint. 

lace doily spiderweb pillow bhg


Keep the decorating simple by adding plastic spiders and ravens or crows to your existing vignettes around the house.  

spider invasion bhg


Cut a tree from black craft paper and add family silhouettes for a spooky scene in your living room.  (Tree template available here.)

black paper tree bhg


Have you crafted anything special for your Halloween home this month?  Feel free to share your ideas in the comments! 



Last Friday was the first night we lit up the fireplace this year and cozied up around it watching a movie.  We typically spend our Friday nights together watching a new film, sometimes it’s a classic, other times it’s something new, but we all look forward to Friday family movie nights every weekend.

It got me thinking about how the weather is changing since fall is in full swing about ways to make the sitting area around a fireplace a little more cozy, and one where you want to spend a lot time during the colder months.  Here are a few tips to do just that.

Layer with Throws and Blankets.   Now is the time to pull down all of those blankets and throws you stored away when spring arrived.  Drape them over each chair or loveseat so as the temperature drops, you’re able to stay cozy underneath their soft fibers.

chairs around fireplace bhg


Use Inviting Color Palettes.   Mid tone purples and greens settle in nicely against neutral walls and furnishings in this sitting space.  In places where you’ve decided relaxation is the priority, avoid saturated or invigorating colors and choose the soothing tones instead. 

throws and blankets bhg


Focus on Attention.  Turn sitting chairs toward each other to encourage conversation.  Add an ottoman for propping feet or resting books, and an end table for setting down a hot cup of tea.  

dark chairs around mantel bhg


Library Included.   Adding freestanding or built in bookcases to your gathering space keeps your favorite books or newest reads within arms reach.  Even if you’ve turned to tablet style reading, you can still add personality and warmth to your home with the stacks of classics you’ve collected over the years displayed out in the open. 

books in family room bhg


Add a Table in the Middle.  Rather than a petite end table on either side of the chairs, consider a larger table of dining nook proportions for spending a few hours on arts and crafts, catching up on a stack of magazines, engaging in a friendly game of chess, or reading your email on your laptop, all of it accomplished in front of the fire.

table between chairs bhg


Mount the Television Above.   So many of us get our entertainment from television and movies, so it makes sense to combine the television and fireplace in one zone, allowing you and your family or roommates to warm yourself by the fire while you catch up on the latest drama or comedy.

tv over mantel bhg


It doesn’t take much to take your fireplace beyond just a formal focal point and use it as a functioning gathering place where you spend hours of time relaxing and enjoying life. 

What are your favorite ways to decorate around the fireplace in the cooler months?



There are countless ways to carve a pumpkin in the days before Halloween, but if you want to have some fun decorating pumpkins without carving them, paint and a little creativity are your best friends!  Here are ten different ways to add a dash of panache to a pumpkin with just a little paint!

Create plaid, geometric, or leaf motifs by freehand application or by sketching with a template before adding the painted design.

plaid pumpkins bhg


Use a thin artist’s brush or even a black Sharpie to add a welcome message.

Vermont Halloween Party


Bat silhouettes painted on mini white pumpkins and suspended on garden stakes will greet your guests at they come up the front path.

suspended bat pumpkins bhg


Stripes, flowers, or zig zags can dress up your pumpkins in the traditional Halloween color palette. 

striped pumpkin vase bhg


Use the natural creases of a pumpkin as your guide for painting a creepy web – embellish with spiders for an eerie effect.

painted web pumpkin bhg


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‘Tis the season to festoon our fall porches with the abundant accents that the harvest season brings.  Autumn offers us a chance to change up the decor on the front porch to welcome friends and neighbors during this favorite time of year.   If you’re looking for inspiration for ways to embellish your entry in original ways, consider these ten festive ideas for adding seasonal accents to your fall porch! 

1.  Tiered Pumpkins.   A fall porch isn’t complete without a pumpkin or two.  Whether placed along the path or layered in an urn, stack these favorite fall accents vertically for a dramatic effect.  


tiered pumpkins on walkway bhg


tiered pumpkins in urns bhg


2.  Extra or Unexpected Orange Accents.   You’ve got the pumpkins, now think about the extras!  Incorporate additional decor in shades of orange to complement your pumpkins such as pillows, end tables, colorful chairs, and paper lanterns!


shades of orange on porch bhg


orange lanterns and pumpkins bhg


3.  Leaves and Branches.  With all the changing leaves around town, consider clipping a few branches from a tree that can spare them and display their vivid colors with your pumpkin collection.


fall leaves and pumpkins bhg

 fall leaves and branches in urn bhg


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