Marble in the Bathroom

The use of marble in interior design has a long history, dating back as far as Ancient Rome. Marble has been used over the centuries to embellish everything from iconic architectural structures to modern day kitchens and bathrooms. Sculptures as famous as Michelangelo’s David have been carved from this prized stone and it has always held its appeal throughout the years.

Marble is a luxurious choice and is often more expensive than other solid surfaces, but is worth the investment since it’s unquestionably elegant and forever timeless. There are two varieties of Italian marble that are similar in appearance, both milky white with gray veining, and they are Carrara and Calacatta. Carrara has more delicate, lighter veining; Calacatta is a rarer, pricier stone and has bolder more defined strokes, yet both are a desirable luxury stone.

white vanity marble tile bhg


Slabs are the most expensive but smaller scale tile patterns tend to be more affordable per square foot. The mixture of small and medium scale motifs add interest to any bathroom space from petite herringbone to offset brick pattern tile.

marble tile shower


Calacatta marble appears on the walls in this bathroom, adding drama and one-of-a-kind pattern. One thing is true about slab marble, it doesn’t need embellishment of any kind. Marble has earned its beauty and is best left with its stunning and unique veining on display.

calacatta marble bathroom


Instead of slab on the floors or walls, look for large scale marble tiles that will give the same look, but broken up into smaller sections.


marble tile on wall


marble tile floor bhg


Or consider a marble basket weave tile for a decorative inset pattern that is both intricate and exquisite.

marble walls basket weave marble tile


One of the most popular ways to add marble to the bathroom is with slab countertops. Mix it up with tile or wallpaper in the same gray and white palette to bring additional pattern to your bathroom space.

carrara marble flooring and countertop


marble wrapped tub surround


marble countertop in bathroom


Looking for the ultimate in luxury?  How amazing is this retro inspired vanity washbasin with spectacular Lucite legs – stunning!

marble vanity


Whichever way you choose to use it, from tile on the floor to slabs on the walls to the simplicity of a countertop, you can never ever go wrong with marble in the bathroom.  Carrara and Calacatta marble are surfaces that hold a rare title, they have stood the test of time for not just decades, but centuries!



16 Responses to “ Marble in the Bathroom ”

  1. Such a cool, calming and elegant look. I can’t choose a favorite!

  2. I love the intricate floor tile – looks like an ‘area rug’. I saw this recently at a show house and it was jaw dropping. Hoping I can pull it off for a reasonable price in our new master bath.

  3. Love all these rooms, I have always loved marble even when everyone was running to granite I still stuck with white marble, it’s just so beautiful!

  4. I love the basketweave flooring and am considering it for a guest bath. Luckily, the rest of them have their original marble hexagonal,herringbone and penny tile so I’m good to go there. 100yrs old and still going strong. The lucite sink is my favourite. Although it looks modern due to the lucite, it really harkens back to the clear and milkglass towel rods of yore. I love it.

  5. Love, love cararra marble. So beautiful. Do you know what the wall color is in the 2nd photo? I really enjoy your blog. Thanks.

  6. What color/brand is that dark grey color in the second pic??

  7. Thanks for the ideas! I have marble in my guest bathroom and have been debating on completely removing it (along with the on-so-lovely wallpaper the previous owner had in there), but now I’m thinking a coat of paint and a new vanity would look great with the marble!

  8. I like it. It all fits together perfectly, but it’s somehow too white and too bright for my taste and therefore unpractical to maintain. But I love how good marble and wood in that 4th photo look together!

  9. I am anxiously awaiting your response to the question from Angela up above in the comments: “What color/brand is that dark grey color in the second pic??” It is lovely!

  10. Hi Merry and Angela, I don’t get source lists, I’m so sorry! But I’d try Icon Gray by Glidden or Chelsea Gray by Benjamin Moore, both are a pure charcoal gray color.

  11. Necesito ideas de mubles para el lava manos,por favor!

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  13. Does anyone know where to get the oval chrome framed mirrors and chrome lights in the last photo (the one with the lucite leg vanity)?

  14. The price of Marble has changed a lot over the past decade with ecommerce now taking a roll in providing a product that was once out of reach available to almost everyone. So that 5 Star Bathroom retreat you have been dreaming about can now be created and the value it adds back to the property pretty much pay for the whole thing.

  15. Could you tell me where you found the retro inspired vanity washbasin with spectacular Lucite legs or a price range for it.


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