Outdoor Room Series: Patios + Balconies

Today we’re wrapping up the Outdoor Room Series with a look at spaces that aren’t enclosed or covered like we’ve seen with previous articles. Now we’re talking about outdoor rooms that anyone can create in a small area with just a patio, deck, or balcony. All it takes is a few square feet, some furnishings, and accessories to make a sweet and scenic space for enjoying the summer months!

The best outdoor rooms mimic what we love about indoor spaces – they include comfortable seating and practical and pretty accessories, but they have the added benefit of being situated out in the sun and surrounded by foliage. What could be better? So I rounded up five favorite elements for creating your own blissful outdoor room!

A Gathering Space.  There must always be seating for a group, so consider a small sofa and chairs with a coffee table or ottoman in the middle for setting beverages or reading material.  Choose neutral seating or make it colorful!


outdoor seating area bhg


outdoor patio orange umbrella bhg


city balcony bhg


A Cooking Place.  Outdoor kitchens come in many shapes and sizes, but having a barbeque, perhaps a sink, and some prep space are all you need to create memorable meals infused with seasonal flavor.

outdoor kitchen bhg


outdoor kitchen on deck bhg


outdoor kitchen 3 bhg


A Dining Space.  Once the meal is prepared, there’s nothing quite so delightful as dining alfresco on a warm summer night. Combine a table and chairs for a sit down experience or get creative with a bar type scene for enjoying informal appetizers and beverages.

wood table green chairs bhg


dining room on deck bhg


cinder block bar bhg


A Growing Place.  An outdoor space is incomplete without greenery – your blooms can consist of just a few succulents, an enchanting collection of thriving botanicals, or could include a lush pathway that welcomes anyone who enters your patio scene.

succulents in pots

 flowering plants bhg


archway with plants bhg


A Warming Space.  Mankind has gathered together around the fire for centuries, and in modern times we use fireplaces and fire pits to warm our surroundings and also to create ambiance. Invest in a permanent structure with a chimney or a simpler chiminea or fire pit.

outdoor fireplace bhg


outdoor fireplace 2 bhg


firepit bhg

fire pit bhg


You’d never need a vacation away from home if your outdoor patio possessed all five elements mentioned.  The most perfect outdoor room would incorporate seating, dining, cooking facilities, greenery, and warmth! 

kitchen living dining fireplace


outdoor firepit bhg


This concludes the Outdoor Room Series, I hope you’re inspired to create a fabulous space of your own!  To read the entire series, don’t miss the other spotlights on covered porches and patios, screened porches, sunrooms, and cabanas!



5 Responses to “ Outdoor Room Series: Patios + Balconies ”

  1. amazing ideas

  2. Those first blue cushions are the exact colour I have with my dark rattan furniture. Years later, they still look fresh with green or tangerine or white, etc. The look great next to the terracotta pavers.
    I agree in spirit with these 5 elements, but am not a fan of the entire outdoor kitchen as shown for many reasons. I also find the the examples showing all 5 look very cluttered and and “off somehow. Crazy for the other examples, though.

  3. Loving all of these patios! I’m inspired to head outdoors and enjoy some fresh air, sunshine, and quality time with my family. Thanks, Kate!

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