Outdoor Room Series: Sunroom Style

The conservatory dates back to 16th century when British and European civilizations living in colder climates realized citrus and botanicals could be cultivated indoors. The modern day sunroom is a successor of the conservatory, and is also referred to as a solarium or a Florida room.

The sunroom is a space that is filled with natural light, hence the label and one of the most desirable rooms for relaxation because it allows residents to enjoy the light and view of the outdoors any time of year and without fear of inclement weather.



Architecturally, sunrooms are defined by their multiple walls of windows, ones that often stretch from floor to ceiling. Some sunrooms are designed to capture a scenic view while others are designed to collect sunlight for warmth and light.

rounded sunroom with view bhg


sunroom with view bhg

enclosed sunroom bhg


Take the opportunity to dress up your sunroom as you would any other indoor living room with colorful upholstered furnishings, keeping in mind that outdoor fabrics which resist fading are smart choices due to increased sun exposure. 

colorful fabrics in sunroom bhg


decorated sunroom bhg


Some sunrooms repeat the home’s exterior on the interior walls with shingle siding, stucco, or brick adding a textural element to the space. 

brick walls in sunroom bhg


sunroom with siding bhg


sunroom with brick walls bhg



Space permitting, tuck a dining table and chairs into a corner to enjoy the view while you linger over lunch.


dining room in sunroom bhg


Invest in a large outdoor sectional to guarantee a comfortable seat for everyone.

 sunroom with sectional bhg


Or convert an empty corner into a daybed for reading and snoozing in the soft sunlight. How clever is this solution placing three trunks together?



Next week we’ll wrap up the Outdoor Room Series with a spotlight on patio rooms and cabanas, see you then!



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