Decorating With a Tan Sofa

Last year I wrote an article tackling the topic of decorating with a brown sofa, a practical choice of furnishing in many homes. Tan sofas are another popular choice because of their neutral color which is why most retailers offer them for sale in tan fabric! Here are a few inspiring ways to decorate with a tan sofa to avoid an overdose of beige and instead have the piece be part of a space that is cozy and collected.  

Bringing color into the living space can be done in an afternoon by painting the walls. Pick a hue that is soft or vibrant, then repeat it with decorative pillows or throw blankets arranged on the sofa.

tan sofa 7

tan sofa 6


Area rugs ground a sitting space and are another opportunity to add pattern under a pale or tan sofa. Consider modern geometrics or more traditional motifs to pull a variety of colors into your living room.

tan sofa colorful pillows bhg

tan sofa rug and wall galelry


Partner your tan sofa with upholstered chairs in colorful solids or patterns and repeat the color or pattern on the chairs in the form of decorative accent pillows for a coordinated look. 

tan sofa colorful pillows

tans sofa with accent chair bhg


Neutrals look livelier when there are several textures or metallic tones present. Include organic surfaces in your space design, such as a set of woven chairs or faux fur accents and incorporate warm or cool metals in the form of brass, pewter, nickel, or bronze.

tan sofa textured chairs bhg

tan sofa 5


A tan sofa in a classic shape is a smart and timeless choice for a living space – with it come limitless opportunities for decorating around it. Layering a space with artwork, textiles, colorful accents, and wood finishes will result in a room that feels collected over time. 

wood bookcases colorful accents


How do you decorate around your tan sofa?




12 Responses to “ Decorating With a Tan Sofa ”

  1. I like the idea of using textures and metallics to give depth to neutral rooms. I moved house recently and our living room is painted a medium warm gray and we have a dark gray sofa. I am planning on adding color through decor, but will keep this metallic/texture idea in mind too. Thanks!

  2. I love my tan leather sofas. I add colors of orange and black an cream. The orange really pops the other colors. I made gold and cream curtains. My accents are wood and glass.

  3. I love my tan sofas and you can see how I chose to decorate around them bringing in black and white:

  4. Any chance you know what color green is on the alps in he second picture or know where the original room photo came from?

  5. Can you please tell me what sofa and retailer of sofa in photo #5 down. (with green and blue chair with pin pouf stool)?

  6. I love the sofa in the third picture down! I have searched everywhere for that style. Would you please share the name of the manufacturer and the style name as well?
    Thank you very much!

  7. Love the chair in the 6th photo down….can you tell me the manufacturer and any other details? Thanks so much!

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