Ten Things to Hang Above the Bed

It’s a common dilemma when decorating a bedroom space, what thing or object or accent is the right choice for that space above the bed? In my master, I’ve chosen option number one, but there are nine other ways to get creative with that zone above the headboard or bed frame.

1) Mirrors   A popular choice for their sculptural or textural frames that act as a focal point above a bed, mirrors also have the benefit of reflecting light around the room.

mirror above bed bhg


white mirror above bed bhg

  sunburst mirror above bed bhg


2)  Artwork  Large scale paintings are a perfect jumping off point for a bedroom’s palette and also provide a serene backdrop. 

abstract art behind bed bhg


abstract above bed bhg


3) Folding Screens Intricately carved or detailed folding screens can replace the headboard – use them to make a dramatic statement in a bedroom.

filigree screen bhg

folding screen headboard bhg


4) Fabric   Beautiful fabric frames a bed and adds both softness and pattern to a sleeping space. 

patterened fabric behind headboard bhg


fabric behind bed bhg


5) Framed Photography or Prints   Use a series of prints or black and white photographs to turn the bedroom into a mini art gallery. 

black and white prints above bed bhg

charcoal prints above bed 

6) Decorative Plates  Whether your style leans colorful and eclectic or traditional, plates are another way to add movement and pattern.

plate collection above bed bhg

plates above bed bhg


7) Wallpaper   Modern wallpapers were made popular once more a few years ago, continue the trend in your bedroom by choosing a soft botanical or graphic geometric. Paper one wall, the entire bedroom, or simply a small section above the bed. 

wallpaper behind bed bhg

geometric wallpaper behind bed bhg


8)  A Cornice or Canopy  This traditional treatment is a way to use fabric to envelope and separate the bed from the rest of the room.

bed cornice bhg

bed canopy bhg


9) Window Panels   For those whose bedrooms don’t have the luxury of a blank wall or prefer the natural light above, placing a bed under a window is another way to  frame it in soft fabric panels.

curtains behind bed bhg

window panels behind bed bhg


10)  Nothing   A statement bed or headboard can speak for itself and needs no embellishment above. Suspend a dramatic light fixture above the bed instead!

glamorous headboard bhg

carved black and white headboard bhg

Or choose nothing at all to give the eye a place to rest. 

curvy linen headboard bhg


What decor is hanging above your bed at home? 

Have you chosen to keep it blank, or are you still on the hunt for that perfect focal point?



23 Responses to “ Ten Things to Hang Above the Bed ”

  1. Great ideas thanks

  2. BEAUTIFUL ideas! … Thanks so much for sharing, Kate!! … You are so AWESOME! :):)

  3. I have framed pictures above my bed. The pictures are photos I have taken while on vacation. In the past, I used my black & white pictures of achitectural elements. Right now, the pictures are of a beach in the caribbean. The pictures help set a mood and remind me of beautiful places I have been.

  4. Just be careful about putting a bed in front of a window. You don’t want to trap yourself in a room if there is a fire and you can’t escape out the door. Always have two ways out of a room. If the bed has to be in front of the window, because there is no room any where else, consider not using a headboard.

  5. Living in So. Calif. we, too, have to consider what is light enough not to hurt us during an earthquake. But these are some great ideas. Thanks -

  6. The displays are all beautiful though personally as much as I like the plate placement, I would prefer that in a dining room or a kitchen. I have not hung anything over my new bed only because I haven’t found that piece that just hits me that I feel it’s just made for that area. So, until then, bare wall. After all new drywall, skimming & painting I am being very careful before hanging anything.

  7. I love the mirror in the first photo! In fact, I even used it in my own master bedroom! I think it makes a big impact when it’s layered into a smaller space like I did here: http://embracemyspace.com/2013/04/03/um-is-that-gonna-fit/

  8. They are beautiful, I put 3 pictures of my family on canvas in sepia. However I do not see it as very decorative, it is inspirational though. If I find my piece I would probably change.

  9. I haven’t done it yet (still painting)but I’m thinking of putting a monogram wall decal above my bed. Just the 1st letter of my last name. I like the simplicity of it.

  10. I love all of these ideas! I’m waiting to decorate the walls til after we’ve painted (just moved in) but I was thinking about creating some sort of statement headboard or just doing several frames in a symmetrical pattern.

  11. I made a ribbon garland for behind our bed and I LOVE how it turned out… plus it’s easy to customize colors and texture!

    You can see it here…

  12. I love your pictures of things over the bed but what about that cool bench at the foot of the bed that looks as though it used to be on a merry go round. Where can I get one of those? Thanks for your help!
    Betty Lynn Radcliffe

  13. Can someone please tell me where the black and white curtains are from in the second photo with the shutters about the bed? Right above the fabric idea.

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