(More) Ideas for Family Organization

Keeping the home organized is a situation we all face and with kids running around, the challenge is magnified! Last year I offered up ten smart ideas for family organization. To build on that topic, here are even more strategic solutions for keeping your busy home ship shape.

Create a Drop Zone.  Having a spot where all things land has its advantage: when you need them again (hopefully) there they are. Isolate the everyday backpacks, shoes, and coats in a single zone to ease the transition out the door each day.

family drop zone bhg


Make a Family Binder.  With school in session, a single binder filled with contacts and schedules is a life saver but just as convenient for summer activities when kids camps, activities, and the information on the family vacation is all centralized in one place. 

binder for activities bhg


Office Supply Central. If you lack the space for a corner office, no worries. Set aside a cabinet and shelf where supplies are stored for easy access.

office supply cabinet


Mail Zone.  We live in a digital age where much of our correspondence and bill paying occurs online, yet there is still the need to have a place for outgoing mail, especially for those cards for friends and family to commemorate birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. Keeping the zone front and center helps prevent your sentiment from being a belated one. 

cards and stamps


Receipt & Warranty Readiness.  Often it’s necessary to hold on to receipts for reimbursement, returns, or future tax purposes, and when something needs fixed, the warranty is a document you’ll need to pull out for reference. Storing them in a single spot means when you’re most in need, the document will be there.

  file storage bhg


You’ve Got Game.  Store the games you play in a centralized spot (perhaps a coffee table with drawers or a nearby cabinet) to inspire another competitive round of family fun.

coffee table game storage


A Place for Everything.  The best technique for avoiding the clutter creep is to have a place for everything from sports equipment and seasonal attire.

baskets on shelf bhg


What strategies do you use to keep your family home organized?


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5 Responses to “ (More) Ideas for Family Organization ”

  1. I love the drop zone, or better yet, hang zone. The hooks are great for getting stuff off the floor but keeping in near the exit. Backpacks, purse, lunchboxes all are within easy reach.

  2. I used to want a drop zone like that for my home. With the size and layout of my house, it just didn’t make sense. I like the table with drawers for games.

  3. So timely…especially as the kids will be done with school soon and the mess will magically multiply! haha! It’s also timely because I shared some of my best (and unconventional) entryway organizing tips on my little blog-a-roo this morning. Feel free to stop by. Also…I LOVE the gorgeous organizing of the warranties, coupons and receipts, above! Thanks so much for the inspiration:)

  4. Assign kids a specific color. I have four children (age 4-7), and when they were pretty little, I gave each a specific color (orange, blue, pink & green). So, their cups, plates, back packs, cubbies, etc… are in their assigned color. It’s cut down on arguing, and really helps all of us we are trying to get out the door or clean up quickly. The funny thing is that now they all think their assigned color is their favorite color. I realize this will change as they near the teen years. : D

  5. Jennifer your colors totally remind me of a system my mom had when I was a kid. Since all of our socks started becoming similar sizes, and we all had white ankle socks so she put a small dot of paint on the toe of each. Mom was pink, brother was blue, dad was red, and I was green. We always knew whose socks were whose! lol

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