Patterned Backsplashes in Kitchens

When I remodeled my kitchen, I chose a classic white brick pattern ceramic tile, however whenever I spy an incredible patterned kitchen backsplash I pause to admire it for its striking effect. Opting for a bold pattern in a kitchen takes commitment and courage, but the risk is rewarding given the stunning result.

geometric backsplash bhg

Mesh mosaic or brick pattern tiles in neutrals or pale hues are common choices in many remodels, but there is a bolder and braver alternative – an intricate ceramic tile installed high up on the wall so the pattern becomes a focal point that demands attention. 

patterned backsplash behind window bhg


We’re fortunate in modern times to have countless tile options available and in various colorways, and there is always an opportunity for creativity such as combining neutral and colorful 3 x 6” tiles in a herringbone pattern.

colorful herringbone backsplash bhg


If you love the idea of pattern but want less of it, minimize the impact of the repeat by keeping it contained only to the section of wall between lower and upper cabinetry.

patterned backsplash bhg


Perhaps you’ve fallen in love with a patterned ceramic tile or exotic motif  – why not pull a color from it and repeat it on the cabinetry?

yellow patterened backsplash bhg


For those less inclined to use patterned tiles for an entire kitchen backsplash surround, incorporate a smaller section behind the range to satisfy your craving and to also add a dash of color in one contained spot. 

blue lattice backsplash bhg


A white backsplash is a timeless choice and complements any cabinetry color, but there is always the alternative of a unique or unexpected shape. Consider a white Moroccan inspired motif which satisfies a desire for clean, light and bright, but still includes an pattern with character and movement.

moroccan inspired backsplash bhg


What style of backsplash do you have in your kitchen?  Have you opted for something simple or do you also crave something with pattern or detail?




3 Responses to “ Patterned Backsplashes in Kitchens ”

  1. I actually just painted a very Bold avocado, trellis pattern for our backsplash. I LOVE it! Figured if I got sick of it, I could just paint over it. =)

  2. Patterned back splashes are such a must have! I prefer a little color, but even i you do all white there should always be a little pattern. Love the photos too!

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