Smart Ways to Use Baskets

I was analyzing all the ways I organize around the house and as I looked in each room I noticed they all have one thing in common – there’s always a basket that is storing something from blankets to pillows to smaller necessities. Talk about versatile, baskets in all their shapes and varieties are our best friends when it comes to organizing all those things we treasure.

Baskets are made with plant materials, often woven from grasses, and because of it are one of the many ways to add texture to your home. Here’s a look at a few of the smart ways to use them in the rooms all around your house.

Mudrooms and entries are drops zones and one of the best places to use baskets to store flip flops, extra shoes, or pet leashes. Consider assigning one to every family member for easy sorting.

baskets in entry bhg


In a reading nook or corner, baskets corral your favorite magazines for that moment when you finally sit down to savor your favorite publications. 

basket storange on shelf bhg


Using baskets in a playroom or kid space makes perfect sense. Store toys, games, and books, or get creative and assign a letter to a series suspended on a wall for a reminder where to keep those extra special things.

playroom basket storage bhg


When styling bookshelves, baskets fill empty spaces in between your favorite pieces on display and also hide the less than pretty things you want to keep for future use.

sitting room baskets bhg


In the bathroom a series of dark baskets adds stylish contrast to all white shelving and collects everyday necessities such as washcloths, soaps, lotions, and toiletries.

baskets for bathroom storage bhg


In the home office or craft room, a basket will hold just about anything from supplies to mementos to materials for correspondence.

baskets in home office bhg


Grab extra storage space in the bedroom by keeping off-season linens in woven baskets under the bed.

underbed storage bhg


Pantries are perfect perches for a collection of baskets, house apples or onions or potatoes, napkins and paper plates too!

basket in pantry bhg


In the kitchen, use a woven tray to corral culinary essentials in an attractive collection.

baskets in kitchen bhg


I’ve shopped for affordable baskets at several retailers including Pier One Imports, World Market, Target, Wal-Mart, and Michaels craft stores. Crate + Barrel, Pottery Barn, and The Container Store are also excellent sources for a wide variety of stylish storage solutions.

Where do you shop for baskets for your home, and in what ways do you use them around the house?



7 Responses to “ Smart Ways to Use Baskets ”

  1. Baskets are awesome! I’ve found some excellent and UNIQUE baskets in the past at Tuesday Morning, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby.

  2. I am so obsessed with woven baskets these days, so this post is a nice treat for the weekend. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi, I love my baskets. This is a great article. Can I store table and antique in baskets or will they cause damage due acidity of basket?

  4. Perhaps Pat, if they baskets have been treated or maybe certain grasses can cause damage. The best answer is to use a liner inside the basket to prevent it.

  5. I love baskets for organizing all over my home, and I represent a company that’s been helping people organize and decorate their homes for over 42 years! Signature HomeStyles offers many different baskets textures, designs and shapes, so you can find the right basket to suit your style and need.

  6. Would love to know your paint colors in the picture of the reading nook – really like them!!

  7. Any ideas on where to get the hanging wall baskets with the letters on them.

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