Extended Living Outdoors

I have outdoor spaces on my mind this week since a new rug arrived for the courtyard and some  bower vine plants are awaiting transplant so they may grow up and over trellises against a wall. Now is also the time retailers begin revealing their new outdoor collections and how refreshing to see fresh patterns and bright colors once again available for our outdoor rooms.

The benefit of warmer weather means we can extend our living areas beyond our interior walls into the great outdoors, to our patios, porches, courtyards, and lawns. Adding comfort and style to those outdoor rooms means applying many of the same principles as you would to interior spaces.  

Gather Round.  An area rug is a great way to anchor a sitting room – look for indoor/outdoor versions that will maintain their beauty while exposed to elements of sun, moisture, and occasional debris. 

adirondacks on porch bhg


outdoor patio earthy palette bhg


Comfort + Color.  We crave both comfort and doses of color in our interiors – repeat those same elements in your outdoor spaces too. Nature isn’t shy about putting on a colorful show so follow its cue and combine your favorite hues to create an inviting outdoor living room.

simple chairs and table bhg


comfortable and colorful outdoor sofa bhg


Time to Entertain.  Sunshine and weekends put everyone in a celebratory mood, combine good eats, tasty beverages, and invite a small crowd over for a relaxing party steps from your back door.

cozy outdoor seating bhg

living room under arbor bhg


Alfresco Dining.  A little creativity goes a long way when arranging functional areas outdoors. Simple cinder blocks topped with reclaimed wood offer an affordable solution and form a functional counter for serving appetizers and drinks at a casual barbeque.

cinder block and wood counter bhg


A built in outdoor kitchen equipped with amenities allows an outdoor chef to cook and entertain simultaneously with many of the comforts of an indoor kitchen. 

outdoor kitchen bhg


stone outdoor kitchen bhg


Dining tables come in all shapes and sizes, build your own with a weekend DIY project or invest in a store-bought version. Surround your table with chairs in different styles for an unexpected medley.

outdoor dining bhg


There’s no need for elaborate seating or a grandiose space to make a comfortable gathering place outdoors. A simple table set with refreshments and a few chairs where friends can get together to sit, sip, and chat truly are the basic components to an inviting outdoor room. 


simple table and chairs bhg


What are the ways in which you create a comfortable, welcoming outdoor space?



5 Responses to “ Extended Living Outdoors ”

  1. We are thinking about revamping an existing outdoor patio and I am loving the outdoor kitchen above with built in grilling area. Oh so nice!

  2. Isn’t it!? I absolutely love outdoor kitchens, definitely on my wish list!

  3. Hello! I too love extending my living/entertaining space when the weather allows. Do you have recommendations for pillows and rugs that can take the sun without fading yet don’t break the bank?
    Thank you!

  4. Hi Cara, I’ve had a lot of success with outdoor rugs from places like Overstock and RugsUSA, and there are hundreds of stylish outdoor fabrics now available online, I just purchased some from Fabric.com and they were no more than $10 a yard.

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