Bottled Up

Yesterday I gathered a group of glass vases together to display some seasonal flowers in the kitchen window – one of my favorite ways to decorate is with random bottles or vases collected together and filled with fresh flowers. Earlier this season, blue glass appeared on the mantel to welcome spring tulips and in other corners of the house to display branches in bloom.  

Decorating with the things you love and the finds that make you happy brings your personality to your home and makes it more welcoming, even if those things are as simplistic as a collection of glass bottles.

blue glass bottles on mantel


Glass in all its hues is universally appealing, especially when grouped together. Display a collection on a mantel, filling a few with whatever is blooming in the yard.  

glass bottle collection bhg


Large recycled glass jugs reminiscent of antique European versions make a subtle but colorful statement when displayed on cabinets or shelves.

blue jug collection bhg


Create an instant centerpiece for your alfresco entertaining by corralling glass bottles in various heights and hues and inserting blooms from the yard or farmer’s market.


bottles on table bhg


Most of the glass bottles I’ve collected over the years have come from discount stores or flea markets, some are leftover from store bought beverages. Grouping anything together on a shelf or in a tray, even simple colorful glass, makes a more dramatic statement than if scattered around the house. 


glass bottles in tray bhg



If you’re looking to add to your colorful glass bottle and vase collection, here are a few favorites available in stores and online.

glass bottles and vases

from top left: turquoise glass vase, $55, Horchow; green glass bottles, $25 set, Pier One; genie vase, $39, Wisteria; high neck bottle, $30, Terrain; isla hurricane, $85, Crate + Barrel; woodbine vase, $49, Crate + Barrel;


Do you collect or decorate with glass bottles in colorful hues at home? 



7 Responses to “ Bottled Up ”

  1. I’ve collected antique and colored and interestingly shaped bottles since I was a kid (I’m 52 now, so I have a lot!). My favorites are tiny ones for just one pansy or a few violas, and a big milk bottle from a dairy that used to be in central Fresno when I was little, Harpain’s. It’s a great size for lots of sunflowers or daffodils.

  2. I have four old White House vinegar jugs that I need ideas for.any suggestions?

  3. Linda, any kind of wildflowers would be pretty and rustic. Depending on how wide the jar’s neck is you could also do sand or pebbles or something with texture.
    For our wedding next month I cleared out our Container Store’s bottle section for our centerpieces with a variety of milk bottles and bud vases. Although they aren’t antique, the look will still be charming.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Kate!

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