Bringing the Beach Home

Coastal inspired spaces are incredibly popular because of the light and bright approach to decorating, with pale sand and sea inspired palettes that dictate the design choices.

This week I’m taking a much anticipated vacation at the beach where one cannot escape the beauty of the ocean and the serenity the sight and sound of it brings. I rounded up some soothing spaces to share this week with a few tips on incorporating a coastal style and bringing the feeling of the beach indoors. 

An easy way to incorporate a breezy and coastal inspired style is to choose light or white furnishings, or include stylish slipcovered sofas and chairs. Add contrast and texture with a coffee table made of rustic or weathered wood to complete the look.

beachy family room


coastal inspired living room


Pale tans and taupes on walls, curtains, or furniture repeat the color of sand and provide a soothing neutral backdrop that allows you change out accessories with the seasons. 

sand colors in living room


Watery blues pair perfectly with sandy tones, and choosing a bamboo woven shade adds another layer of texture reminiscent of tropical destinations. 

beach colors in bedroom


Nautical inspired fabrics in stripes or coastal motifs bring the beach indoors by adding classic or playful patterns. 

nautical fabrics


Shells and coral are sculptural and textural accents that are perfect for displaying on bookshelves or console tables.  

beach accents


sea colors coral accents


Accent pieces with distressed paint treatments bring a weathered and worn look as if they’ve been sitting in the sun or have recently washed ashore. 

tropical teal sofa


Beach inspired decorating can be done in smaller or subtle ways by placing your coastal finds on display, such as this driftwood and shell mobile, or perhaps more simply and casually with starfish and smooth stones placed on a shelf or mantel. 

driftwood mobiles


beach treasures


How do you layer your home with coastal inspired furnishings or finds? 



10 Responses to “ Bringing the Beach Home ”

  1. I so love this style. I have tried to decorate my home this way. It is very calm and easy to live with-soft colours are my favorite.

  2. I love this style too and find it sooooo relaxing. My landlock home is done in this style and I love it. Enjoyed this post!

  3. Love it! Such a wonderful photos.

  4. Love the coastal themes. None were too heavy or cliched. I found coastal themed kitchen and bath hardware at to finish out my own beach projects!

  5. I enjoy the coastal look, especially when sitting in a beach front home watching the waves roll in. That’s the perfect atmosphere in my opinion.

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