Decorating with Abstract Art

My love of abstract art began when I took a painting class ten years ago. I struggled through the assignments to paint still life and landscape, yet I was surprised how much I enjoyed painting in abstract form, without any need for accuracy of subject matter and instead based on color and feeling alone. 

Abstract art has no recognizable subject and does not attempt to represent anything concrete in the world. It appears fluid and spontaneous yet the strokes witnessed are in fact a concentrated effort on the part of the artist. Its roots are in Expressionism and Cubism and famous artists like Mark Rothko pioneered its popularity in the mid 20th century.  

Abstracts that are big and bold become a purposeful focal point that command attention in a space.

abstract in entry


Abstracts can also play a more subdued role, filling up the walls of an inviting room with washes of neutral earthy color.

abstract 2


Abstract artwork that echoes the colors found in appealing landscapes (think of the coastline, mountains, forests) stirs the senses and stimulates the mind.

small abstract


When the artist repeats bold strokes in moody hues on an oversized canvas, abstract art can convey powerful feelings or emotion.

abstract art


The easiest way to decorate with abstract artwork is to use it as a source of inspiration and allow it to set the palette for the entire room, inspiring the color, fabric, and accessory choices within the space. 

abstract 6


abstract in bedroom


Online you can find several retailers who offer abstract giclées and prints for sale like Ballard Designs, Overstock, All Modern,and, among others. 

abstract artwork

For original artwork, check sites like Etsy or Gallery Today for one-of-a-kind pieces.

What about you? Are you a fan of abstract art?  Have you ever painted or decorated with any abstract art around your home?

5 Responses to “ Decorating with Abstract Art ”

  1. My friend Blazin is an abstract artist in San Francisco. I love her work and have several of her creations hanging on my walls. She does wonderful things with color, but adds touches of gold and silver to give her work spark. She has a web site, which you might enjoy visiting, since she lives in your part of the country.

  2. I must admit, I wasn’t a fan of abstract art until I got older. But now I am craving a large piece of abstract art in my home. I love how it can fill a large wall with strong pops of color like the in the first picture.

  3. So beautiful. What a great way to add style to your walls

  4. But abstract paintings don’t have to be huge. They can fill cozy spots above your desk, a spot beside a table lamp, set on a shelf in the kitchen or dining room. No need to make the big investment. Find a small abstract or two to start your collection.

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