Functional & Fabulous Folding Screens

Remember in the old movies when the ladies would disappear behind the folding screen to change their clothes while continuing a conversation with another character? Folding screens continue to serve the purpose of functional room divider but in this century we use them for more than just privacy – now they serve us in decorative ways to add visual interest to bare corners and walls.

For residences without a dedicated foyer, a partitioning room divider creates an instant entry and convenient drop zone when a hall table is added on one side. 

folding screen room divider bhg


Folding screens are a creative option for minimizing any part of a room you wish to disguise and when painted a bright color they add a dose of personality too.

folding screen divider bhg


Folding screens can be reinvented as unique headboards – an ornate or carved version will introduce an exotic or global vibe into your bedroom space.

folding screen style headboard bhg


Distressed in a cottage style finish, folding screens make charming props for outdoor plantings and add character to covered porches.

folding screen outdoors bhg


You can get creative with basic bifold doors from a home improvement store by attaching a set together with hinges and embellishing as you please with traditional molding or creatively with layers of shims painted a pretty color.

shim folding screen bhg


Make a style statement by upgrading a basic room divider with patterned wallpaper.

diy new impressions screen bhg


For an easy DIY project, follow Diane’s great tutorial for making a room divider out of bifold doors. If you prefer a store-bought version, here are six fabulous folding screens from budget to splurge that are sure to bring style to any of your spaces.

fabulous folding screens


blue cottage/carved wood/distressed gray/reclaimed wood/white geometric/gold leaf


Do you decorate with folding screens in your home?  If so, where and in what style?



4 Responses to “ Functional & Fabulous Folding Screens ”

  1. Definitely check out the art print room divider screens. They are very affordable as well as bold and attractive. I would love to send some pictures.

  2. Hi there – I am currently looking at a few affordable options for rejuvenating my home and also provide privacy on my balcony, while letting light filter through – do you have any brochures you can provide and pricing? As my large balcony is off my bedroom, since they cut down the lovely tree that gave me a leafy outlook I now have a view into and from the apartments across the street- I did have a lovely screen which unfortunately although stood well prior to the tree being removed was blown down and partially damaged by the northerly wind. So if you have any options with regard to perhaps two screens that can be hinged to be one long screen that can be folded for cleaning – not sure what the solution is but I really love the idea of your screens painted in a lovely colour that could then create the concept of a flow from my main bedroom into what would then almost be a room. You have lovely designs -I adore screens!!

  3. Love the folding screens being used as headboards!

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