Practical + Pretty Pantry Solutions

I have a confession to make, as organized as many of the spaces are in our home, our pantry is in extreme disarray. We don’t even have real shelving inside it, we only have a few metal units that I bought at a discount store years ago. I’d like to move those to the garage and take the time to really make our walk in pantry a space that’s both organized and attractive too.

I decided to round up some inspiration for some of you who like me may be experiencing the same doldrums about your pantry space. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an entire closet in a kitchen as a dedicated pantry, often it’s a series of cabinets that must be utilized for the same purpose.

cabinet pantry storage bhg


Make them work smarter by installing pull out drawers and attaching cubbies to the doors for spices or other small packages of dried goods.

pullout shelves and cubbies bhg


pull out shelves in pantry bhg


Clear containers, bins, and baskets are your best friends when it comes time to organize your pantry. The benefit of glass containers or clear plastic bins is twofold: they add uniformity and you can see when you’re getting low on essentials.

jars of dried goods bhg


glass containers in pantry bhg



Spices add zest to your cooking so they’re culinary necessities, but they can quickly take up space. Get clever with your storage solutions such as installing a rack on the back of a cabinet door or even dedicating a kitchen drawer to their storage.

spice door on cabinet bhg


spice drawer bhg


Another smart idea is to incorporate a place for a list of what’s needed for that next trip to the grocer – consider a bulletin or magnetic board to also hold coupons or discount store membership cards. 

pantry list on door bhg


memo board in pantry bhg


The ultimate finishing touch to any pantry is a mega organized system that includes printed labels – download these stylish labels here.

labels for pantry bhg


I’m so motivated to get started on our pantry reorganization this year! I’m thinking of installing cabinets below and white open shelving above, with a brightly colored wall for a pop of color.

What tricks do you use to keep your pantry organized?



11 Responses to “ Practical + Pretty Pantry Solutions ”

  1. We have a spice jar drawer. All those little bottles rolling around! I put a strip of velcro inside the drawer bottom and then put a dot of velcro on the spice jar. Now they stay label side up when I pull the drawer in and out!

  2. Be still my heart. I love the first pantry with the cubbies in the doors. Any source information available? Thanks.

  3. Hi Nancy, often those are custom to the built in cabinetry, but places like the Container Store sometimes carry similar style shelving units… or you could DIY them!

  4. ADORE these solutions!! Such great ideas.


  5. May of these I’d seen before, but I never heard or thought of using the insed of the door for messages, lists or things you could hang on a pegboard. What a great way to use the space!

    Thanks for the super ideas!

  6. I have been looking for pull out shelves (such as the ones shown in the 3rd photo) but everything I see is so expensive! Any ideas for achieving a similar result for those of us on a tight budget?

  7. Hi Laura, the only thing I can think of is a DIY drawer with some rolling hardware from a home improvement store, I’ve thought about the same for my bathroom.

  8. To Laura Rios: I did this for my base cabinets holding pots and pans. I got bottom-mount drawer hardware and had my handyman build ‘shelves’ that now roll in and out atop the original ones. The back of each shelf is as high as the space available, so nothing slides off. I covered the raw MDF with peel and stick vinyl floor tiles from the dollar store. I lost a little bit of vertical space, but that’s well worth the convenience! If I did it again, I’d add 1x2s for front and side rails like those pictured. Plus, they used side-mount drawer hardware.

  9. I LOVE this – I need to do this – I have the same type of cupboards!

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the magnet board inside the cabinet door. This makes it super easy to post little notes and reminders in an easy to reach spot.

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