8 Ways to Add Texture to Your Home

When we think of sprucing up our homes, the first two things that often come to mind are how to add color and pattern, but there’s a third element to consider when decorating and that is texture. Color and pattern appease the eyes but it’s texture that sooths or stimulates the sense of touch. Here are eight different decorative elements to consider when you seek to add texture to your spaces:  

1.) A Paneled Accent Wall.  The grain and texture of wood is always warm and inviting – stain the planks of your accent wall dark or leave them in their natural state.

wood wall paneling bhg


wood plank walls bhg


2) Fur or Fluff.  We’re drawn to the texture of furry or woolen animal friends, so factor those textures into your decorating by including something fluffy in the form of a pouf, pillow, blanket, or flokati wool rug.

baskets fuzzy pouf glass centerpiece bhg


flokati rug bhg


3) Worn Wood Furniture.  Wood that’s imperfect, rustic, weathered or worn is the definition of inviting texture – these days its everywhere again from furnishings to fixtures. Thankfully, many retailers offer these pieces but consider also a DIY project with reclaimed wood from a salvage yard, or commission a unique piece crafted by a local artisan.

rustic wood coffee table bhg

wood stump end table bhg


4) Grasscloth Wallpaper. The fibers of grasscloth that are woven into modern wallpapers bring desirable texture to walls of living spaces and they’re available in all colors from natural to dyed – see this article for a few great sources!

grasscloth walls bhg


purple grasscloth in bedroom bhg


5) Branches Brought Indoors. The most inexpensive way to instantly add texture to your home is with branch clippings. Fresh curly willow in tall stems makes a dramatic statement, as do both sculptural manzanita or grapevine branches.

curly willow and agate decor bhg

grapevine and driftwood lamp bhg  


6) Woven Baskets + Trays.  Organization is key to any household so use a medley of affordable baskets in pairs to corral life’s necessities.  Darker versions bring welcome contrast to white painted shelving and a thick woven basket warms up a bathroom tiled in cool gray marble.

storage baskets on shelf bhg


basket under vanity bhg


7) Shells & Beach Finds.  Everyone loves the sound of ocean waves and the feeling of sand between your toes from a day spent at the beach. Bring that feeling home by displaying shells, coral, or sand in glass vessels to remind you of those serene moments by the ocean.

shell accents in bedroom bhg

shells on shelves bhg


8) Living Plants.  Indoor trees bring organic texture indoors with leaves that vary based on the variety you choose, from soft to spiky. Living plants will always bring that feeling of nature inside if you choose botanicals that will thrive indoors, from the fiddle leaf fig to a small scale terrarium.

fiddle leaf fig bhg

palm botanical in corner bhg


A space is more interesting when there are several textures present.  Take a cue from this living space that includes a weathered wood chandelier and rustic furniture, soft linen roman shades and an upholstered sofa, a cowhide rug on the floor, and plants under glass to add a dose of greenery.

weathered wood chandelier and cowhide rug bhg 

No need to stop with one textural element, multiply them, layer them, add as many as you please to satisfy your senses.  What textural elements or objects are your favorites in your home?



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