DIY Project: Terrariums

The middle of February is about the time when I’m absolutely craving those weeks of spring when everything outdoors begins to bloom again. One of the ways I soothe that anxiousness for greenery is with indoor gardening and miniature terrariums.

winter orchid and terrarium


Assembling a terrarium isn’t complicated and with low maintenance succulents, even those who profess to lack green thumbs can have an indoor garden with this technique that dates back to the Victorian age.

Last year, I started mine on a small scale with a glass vessel and some river rocks. To that I added a few varieties of succulents nestled carefully among the stones. This setup takes very little watering, just a few sprinkles or drops once a week. One year later, the terrarium is still thriving!



One of the best ways to make a space come alive is with the presence of something green and growing. Posing a terrarium on an endtable, a bookshelf, or in front of a main window in your living room is way of capturing that feeling with a unique combination of miniature plants.


tabletop terrarium bhg


terrariums in vessels bhg


There are simple techniques to create a layered indoor garden with terrariums formed out of several shapes of glass containers.

terrariums bhg


For instructions on how to assemble your own terrarium at home, follow these helpful step by step instructions.

step by step terrarium


In addition to succulents, here is a list of plants that will thrive in your terrarium.

Happy indoor gardening!


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