Kid Friendly Study Spaces

With two children in elementary school, having a space for homework is essential to organization in our home. Often times the kitchen table will suffice for a quick spelling review or a few pages of math, but it’s nice to have a zone specifically designed for homework where school supplies, calendars, books, and reminders can be stored. 

There are plenty of creative ways to carve out a space for homework, the trick is to create a zone that works best for a family’s lifestyle. A desk and chair are the basics of course but where you place them is up to you. One way to mix form and function is to inject a dose of color, like this cheerful orange chair tucked under a white desk in a child’s room.

white desk orange chair bhg


For some families, the preference is to have children do homework out in the open in community spaces. Turning two narrow tables into a long workspace is one way to keep an eye on kids who have questions about their studies or are surfing online.  

red tables as desks bhg


Any spare wall can be converted into study central with a clever table and bookcase retrofit like this one providing two workspaces with privacy and storage.

two kid desks bhg


Nooks and alcoves are often the perfect place to station a homework zone, especially where hours of concentration are necessary and a quieter place is appreciated.

nook desk bhg


A major movement in modern homes is to convert the formal dining room into work stations for both parents and adults.

dining room desk space


Turning a sunny breakfast nook or loft into a kid friendly homework and creativity zone is another way to make a space serve your family’s needs.

white kid desks bhg


Built in desks are ideal if you have a spare wall and overhead storage is always a bonus to help store supplies and conquer clutter.

built in desk bhg


In our home, we turned a spare room into a kid friendly study zone, complete with DIY window seat and a table we built in a custom size to fit the space. 

study cg


Bright colors and patterns inspire creativity in a room dedicated to both work and play where both artists and thinkers can thrive.

colorful office bhg


Parents, where have you carved out a homework zone in your home?  Share your creative ideas!



16 Responses to “ Kid Friendly Study Spaces ”

  1. We took the long and narrow approach by adding a table workspace along the wall of our dining room. It’s a great place for homework, craft projects or working on the laptop- and we don’t lose any floor space at all!

  2. We took the long and narrow route also, lining two parsons desk along our back living room wall and joining an Ikea Expedit for lots of storage, The kids love their space and it keeps the dining table cleared of homework and crafts!

  3. So smart ladies, thank you for sharing!

  4. Any idea where I could find the white desk in the very top picture? My daughter is desperate for a desk with more space to spread out on top and store supplies underneath. Looks like that one might do the trick.

  5. Can you please tell me where I can find or how I can make the bookshelf in picture 3?

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