February 2013

I have a confession to make, as organized as many of the spaces are in our home, our pantry is in extreme disarray. We don’t even have real shelving inside it, we only have a few metal units that I bought at a discount store years ago. I’d like to move those to the garage and take the time to really make our walk in pantry a space that’s both organized and attractive too.

I decided to round up some inspiration for some of you who like me may be experiencing the same doldrums about your pantry space. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have an entire closet in a kitchen as a dedicated pantry, often it’s a series of cabinets that must be utilized for the same purpose.

cabinet pantry storage bhg


Make them work smarter by installing pull out drawers and attaching cubbies to the doors for spices or other small packages of dried goods.

pullout shelves and cubbies bhg


pull out shelves in pantry bhg


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Colorful patterned pillows will instantly transform a plain sofa into a fabulous focal point of comfort and style and they’re an easy accessory to swap out with the changing seasons.  An initial question to ask yourself when choosing pillows for your bedroom or sofa is to ask yourself what style appeals to you and go from there. Are you a fan of classic stripes or Ikat motifs? Do you prefer floral or geometric patterns?

patterned pillows on sofa bhg


If your furniture is neutral, a fresh and fabulous patterned pillow can set the mood for the entire space, and from its palette you’re free to pull out multiple colors to accessorize your room even further.

pink patterned pillow on chair bhg


There are many different ways to make a bed and playing with layers of pattern in geometrics, florals, stripes, or other unique motifs is a sure way to inject style into the bedroom.

patterned pillows in bedroom bh


Choosing pillows that share colors that already exist in your space is another good starting point when choosing your toss pillows. Let the tile, paint colors, or the rug lead you to choices that complement what hues are already present. 

mixed geometric pillows


Another designer tip: If you’re having a chair reupholstered, it’s a great idea to buy a few extra yards and have those made into coordinating accent pillows to use on a nearby sofa.  

animal prints on sofa[2]


A mixed arrangement of pillows is an inviting and casual look – repeating one pattern on another piece anchors the seating area in a subtle way.

patterned pillows on slipcovered sofas bhg


Even outdoor spaces benefit from a medley of cheerful patterns that add bright color and a layer of comfort – their presence will always encourage everyone to linger longer.

pillows on porch bhg


Are you on the hunt for some fresh patterns to spruce up your home this spring? Here’s a roundup of great patterns available this season in all the shades on the color wheel. rainbow of patterned pillows


from top left, red: raspberry ikat, sydney floral, ovals; orange; floral crewel, geometric, chevron; yellow: cabana, soleil; geometric; green: greek key, verdi, ikat; blue: silsila, geometric, monaco; violet: ikat, medallion, cortez

For even more fun pillow picks plus tips on how to style them, check out this post from last week on basic tips for sofa pillow styling


Who’s ready to start decorating with colorful patterns this spring? 



When we think of sprucing up our homes, the first two things that often come to mind are how to add color and pattern, but there’s a third element to consider when decorating and that is texture. Color and pattern appease the eyes but it’s texture that sooths or stimulates the sense of touch. Here are eight different decorative elements to consider when you seek to add texture to your spaces:  

1.) A Paneled Accent Wall.  The grain and texture of wood is always warm and inviting – stain the planks of your accent wall dark or leave them in their natural state.

wood wall paneling bhg


wood plank walls bhg


2) Fur or Fluff.  We’re drawn to the texture of furry or woolen animal friends, so factor those textures into your decorating by including something fluffy in the form of a pouf, pillow, blanket, or flokati wool rug.

baskets fuzzy pouf glass centerpiece bhg


flokati rug bhg


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The middle of February is about the time when I’m absolutely craving those weeks of spring when everything outdoors begins to bloom again. One of the ways I soothe that anxiousness for greenery is with indoor gardening and miniature terrariums.

winter orchid and terrarium


Assembling a terrarium isn’t complicated and with low maintenance succulents, even those who profess to lack green thumbs can have an indoor garden with this technique that dates back to the Victorian age.

Last year, I started mine on a small scale with a glass vessel and some river rocks. To that I added a few varieties of succulents nestled carefully among the stones. This setup takes very little watering, just a few sprinkles or drops once a week. One year later, the terrarium is still thriving!



One of the best ways to make a space come alive is with the presence of something green and growing. Posing a terrarium on an endtable, a bookshelf, or in front of a main window in your living room is way of capturing that feeling with a unique combination of miniature plants.


tabletop terrarium bhg


terrariums in vessels bhg


There are simple techniques to create a layered indoor garden with terrariums formed out of several shapes of glass containers.

terrariums bhg


For instructions on how to assemble your own terrarium at home, follow these helpful step by step instructions.

step by step terrarium


In addition to succulents, here is a list of plants that will thrive in your terrarium.

Happy indoor gardening!


A few months ago I wrote about how modern stylish dining rooms are not made from a matched set anymore, rather they are decorated with the deliberate pairing of mismatched pieces.

The same principle applies to desks and chairs that form mini home offices in various spaces around the home.  Purposefully combining two pieces that have different finishes or styles is a fresh way to approach decorating your home office, large or small.


green parsons white chair bhg


Wood and white are natural pairs, as wood brings warmth and white paint is always one to bring contrast and enhance the grain of wood.

wishbone and desk bhg


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I’m crushing on cheerful patterns lately, those fresh geometrics and vibrant florals that when mixed together bring a dose of playfulness into the home. Spring is just around the corner and I can’t help but feel invigorated by layers of pattern in bright hues.

patterned pillows on sofa bhg


mixed patterned pillows bhg


Head on over to BH&G Shop where you’ll find my Pattern Panache Picks for the month for bringing some bold and bright patterns into your home!

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