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I’ve lived with slipcovered furniture for years, I find as long as the slipcovers are tailored, the look isn’t sloppy at all, but rather casual, cozy, and chic.  I have slipcovered sofas in my family room and slipcovered dining chairs too, and with young children living in our home, they are a very practical choice.

If you prefer light and bright spaces, slipcovers allow you to decorate with paler fabrics since by nature they can be removed and washed.  Slipcovers take the worry out of living with light fabrics since any small stain or smudge can be removed with a wash when life happens. 

white slipcovered sofas bhg


Many people gasp at the idea of a white sofa or dining chairs, but if you’ve chosen a slipcovered option, keeping them clean is as simple as a cycle through the laundry and a bit of bleach if necessary. 


white slipcovered dining chairs bhg

white slipcovered sofa bhg


Choosing slipcovers for your home lends a cottage or coastal feel to your spaces, and creates an inviting place to kick off your shoes and curl up with a great book, your tablet, or your laptop. 


white slipcovered chairs bhg


Slipcovered fabrics are only as convenient as they are washable, and often the linen versions are dry clean only, but the benefit is they can still be removed and treated if spills occur, which is far more challenging with upholstered furniture.


slipcovered dining chairs bhg


Two slipcovered pieces I personally endorse are the Pottery Barn Basic sofas, which we have in our family room and the Ballard Designs Couture Chairs and Slipcovers, which we have in our dining room.  We’ve lived with both for years, and find them stylish, comfortable, and easy to wash. 

Do you live with slipcovered furniture in your home?  If so, what are your favorite pieces, and can you share any maintenance tips?



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  1. I think I will have white slipcovers also to my sofas even though with dogs that is a bit risky. I probably do own cover for seating cushions so I don’t have to was tha whole cover when there is some muddy paw prints.

  2. Would have loved to read and enjoy this article, as I do most everything you write, but with the multiple pop-ups on my screen, full of ads, I gave up.

    I can understand the ads and don’t mind them (my hubby is in the biz!) but this is excessive & distracting.


  3. I’m so sorry about those Carol-Anne, they are part of the ad network with BH&G, I hope you’ll continue to read!

  4. @carol-anne-there are not any pop ups popping up when i look at this, i would look into some sort of pop up blocker.

  5. What I like best about slipcovers is I can redeem myself for bad color choices on really nice chairs, covering any hint that I chose mauve pink on my comfy Rowe chairs in 2000. The natural duck looks so much better!

  6. I have two microfiber couches that i want to slip-cover white but i dont think i can because they have the big huge microfiber pillows for the back “cushions” that are just pillows and they are a weird shape, maybe too big for slip covers.

  7. Great article Kate! Any other recommendations for slip covers? I have this funny armchair that desperately needs one. I’ve thought of making it but I am no where near a seamstress (can’t even sew) but it’s an odd shape so it’s hard to find one. Thanks!

  8. I would love to slipcover my couch and a barrel-back chair in a white or natural. Love that 1st picture! Wonder the cost difference between making and buying?

  9. I love slipcovers! I’ve had them for years, and with 7 kids, they’ve been a lifesaver. People can’t believe I have so much white with the kids, but I haven’t worried about them getting dirty. When they need to be cleaned, I am able to wash them, unlike upholstery.
    I’ve also used white tablecloths on a couple of small armchairs – just tuck them into the creases under the seat cushion and around the arms.
    Great article! Thank you!

  10. Great article, enjoy the pictures, Love the Ballard Design chairs in the dining room. After replacing several expensive sofa’s we switched to slipcovers & have never looked back; pets, children, mishaps never a worry, love them.

  11. I guess I could have custom slipcovers made for my sofa, but that sounds expensive. Any experience or information with making/getting slipcovers?

  12. I have a white Ikea slipcovered sofa and chairs. My daughter was almost two and my son almost four when I bought them a year ago, and my friends thought I was nuts. If we spill, I throw Shout on them and put them in the wash, and they are holding up better than the microfiber we had before. I really wanted white and since this was my first experience with slipcovers and kids, I went with the Ikea ones instead of splurging on the Pottery Barn Comfort sofa I really wanted. Now that I know it works for our family, our next purchase will be the Pottery Barn version!

  13. Ballard Design has great options for slipcovers. I have bought more than necessary, for changing of the year. They are for their own furniture, but have measurements for you to identify a fit for yours. The fabric is sturdy and well made. Many options for styles. For the price, it would be hard to find yardage for less. At least take a look, right now there is a 15 percent off. No, I don’t have a connection to Ballard. Have also bought JC Pennys when on sale, but they have raised prices and sales are non existant. Although their offerings are great too and also well made.

  14. I have the Pottery Barn basic sofa in natural. I was tired of buying furniture that locked me into a specific color scheme and professional cleaning. I have had everything spilled on this sofa and am able to remove the covers, wash them and still have the sofa looking great. I also love the more casual look and with a neutral sofa I am able to change the whole look of the room by changing the covers on my throw pillows or with another slipcover.

  15. I used to own one and got my slip-covers from sure fit. i like that I can change my sofas look every once in a while since I am a frequent re-decorator. I got rid of our old sofa and now have a beautiful thomasville one, do you know any good custom-slipcover maker? Thanks!

  16. The Pottery Barn Basic Sofa was my first post-college furniture purchase. And, 12 years later, it still looks brand new. I’ve bought two different slipcovers for it on ebay (they are pretty expensive to buy through PB), and love how I’ve been able to adapt it to fit my style. Best furniture purchase, ever!

  17. Love the slipcovers. I purchased a nice slipcovered sofa at Boston Interiors for our beach house. We also inherited a behemouth – but comfy – couch. I ordered a slipcover from Surefit and it was really nice. Surefit is starting to have some nice looking slipcovers that are fitted and go on separate cushions.

  18. I have all white slipcovers in my beach house and one more set of patterned slipcovers so I can have a change a few months of the year. I have 6 grandchildren & 2 dogs who visit all summer long. They wash beautifully and dry bc the fabric was pre-shrunk ~ a must! If something like tomato sauce or red wine is spilled on them, I wash that cushion or piece ASAP and don’t even worry about doing all of them until everything is dirty. THEY ARE THE BEST! Much easier to keep clean than upholstery!

  19. I ordered a slipcover for my couch from The customer service is great. You can order fabric swatches before you commit. They provide you with a worksheet to help you measure every part of you couch or chair. Once you provide them with all your measurements & you fabric choice, it arrives a week later & fits perfectly.

  20. Where is the chair and half from in the third picture?

  21. I have a chaise that is slipcovered in white denim and I love it! I have spilled things on it and had ground in Hersey Kisses and I also have a cat. I just rub some Oxy Clean on the spots and let it sit a litle while and wash and dry. I also made a slipcover for a slipper chair from my late mother-in-laws chenille bedspread. It was my first slipcover and it turned out great. has free tutorials on how to make a fitted slipcover and I also just purchased a dvd from slipcovers by shelley. If I can do it….anyone can. My next project is to make one for my ottoman and to try ruffles.

  22. I saw a tip on Pinterest (of course) that has been working great on my cheap Target slipcover that would come untucked all the time: Wedge a pool noodle between the back and the cushions!

  23. Where did you get your curtains from?

  24. Great Photos..just want to says thank for this..

  25. tutorials with sharp remarks. Very useful for people who want to have a perfect home space

  26. These are really nice sitting arrangement.

  27. White sofas are really cool. I have white sofa with slipcover. I never worry about cleaning, and you’ve already written that keeping slipcover white sofa clean is very simple.

  28. I like first picture! Light and brown colors is my favourite combination. Thanks for idea

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