The Warmth of Wood Countertops

I love to read up on what’s happening in remodeling, and while trends come and go, one choice that is consistent among homeowners over the years is the use of wood as a countertop in kitchens.  I’ve always loved the look myself and we opted for a wood kitchen island countertop years ago. 

Hard woods of all kinds can be used in a kitchen – walnut, cherry, and alder among others, and chefs love a giant slab of butcher block for its convenience in food prep.

kitchen countertops in wood bhg


Choosing wood as a countertop brings warmth to a kitchen space in contrast with the common cooler materials used in kitchens such as glass tile, ceramic sinks, or stainless steel appliances.

dark wood kitchen countertops bhg


Wood countertops are also an affordable option in comparison with pricier solid surface choices, and retailers like IKEA sell slabs of butcher block that can be stained darker or even routed with an ogee edge. 

wood kitchen countertops bhg


Wood countertops have a reputation for being a higher maintenance surface than granite or marble, but if sealed properly they’re virtually waterproof.  The one thing homeowners must avoid is the placement of anything too hot on the wood, but trivets and pot pads within arms reach will prevent any accidental burns.


The use of wood in any space brings character to your home and when cared for properly, wood countertops will remain useful and beautiful for years.

wood kitchen countertops around sink


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Have you installed wood countertops in your kitchen?  Share your thoughts and maintenance tips!



9 Responses to “ The Warmth of Wood Countertops ”

  1. My husband built and installed 100-year-old river reclaimed pine as our countertops last year. We absolutely love them. We did not seal them, but rather finished them with butcher block conditioner, so we have to be careful about wiping up spills right away. It’s a small price to pay for having lovely, one-of-a-kind counters.

  2. Kate~We installed an Ikea butcherblock on our island. We stained it dark mahogany and applied many coats of poly. It has withstood six kids eating on it, spilling things, banging, etc. It is still beautiful! You can see it here ~

  3. Trying to decide if I want wood countertops in our cottage. This might just have swayed me to the YES side.

  4. I think the photo’s above are great, they capture the feeling of the rooms which I think have real character! The character is built up by the home accessories that have been used, not too many but not too little, the balance is just right!

    I look forward to seeing some more of your posts!

    Kind Regards

  5. Have had butcher block counter tops for about 2 months and love them. From Ikea – did not stain as they darkened to just the right color with the 3 coats of sealant. Just beautiful Really warms up an all white kitchen

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