Fresh Start Storage Ideas

With all the excess food, decorating, and gifting that occurs in December, many share the common desire is to pare down and get organized in January with the turning of the calendar to a new year.  One of the key components of successful organization is having a place for everything, and thankfully there are smart strategies that exist for keeping all the stuff organized.  Here are several ideas to consider for maximizing storage in your home in the New Year.

Invest in a storage bench, readily available at many online retailers.  Use baskets below for toys or books and top it with a cushion in a fabric of choice for style and storage in one!

 bench under window bhg


Many closet companies offer custom storage units but you can achieve a similar look by installing assemble ready kits from home improvement centers or specialty storage stores in a bedroom or hall closet.  

closet system bhg


If short on cabinet space, a bench with a pull out drawer provides room for toiletries in a bathroom and is a place to sit to dress and undress with a cushion covered in terrycloth.

bench with drawer bhg


Assigning plastic bins in your freezer for premade dinners is a smart way to organize meals for busy families.

freezer baskets bhg


A large trunk at the end of a bed saves closet space and is a clever storage option for swapping linens as seasons change. 

basket for bed linens bhg


Underneath the bed has equally valuable real estate for keeping clothing or blankets tucked away but also available when needed.

underbed storage bhg


IKEA’s Expedit shelf unit works both in many spaces horizontally and vertically, and is especially fun when painted a bright or bold color.

expedit storage bhg


Maximize every square inch of your walk in closet by adding rolling carts for jewelry and hanging pockets for other smaller accessories which save dresser space.

walk in closet storage bhg


Store off season items up and away to keep those items from creating clutter indoors.

seasonal storage bhg


Reinvent wall space to create built in storage in a family or kid’s room then paint the back for a fun pop of color.

niche bookshelf bhg


Consider adding a wall of lockers to create a multitasking mudroom to maximize storage for each member of a busy family.  Add hooks for coats, hats, and backpacks, and baskets for the smaller daily accessories.

 mud room lockers bhg


Employ the same idea on a smaller scale with baskets hung from hooks and assigned to each child or family member in a hallway, a playroom, or entry where you frequently come and go. 

kid storage baskets bhg


Minimizing clutter inside the home means some of it may need to move out.  Tackle that garage once and for all with a wall system designed for all seasons of sports gear or other household necessities.

organized garage bhg



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Are you feeling motivated to get organized in the New Year?  What are your favorite strategies or solutions for corralling clutter and storing your stuff? 



3 Responses to “ Fresh Start Storage Ideas ”

  1. Hi Jill!

    Do you have a source for the bench with the pullout drawer? I love it!

  2. Hey Kate, we have people that call us and ask for suggestions on how to get organized once the holiday season passes quite frequently around this time of the year. Our suggestions are similar to what you have talked about above, we just recommend using some kind of shelves in the garage and put the holiday decorations in containers and on to those shelves. Not only will this help you clear out all that clutter, you won’t just throw it out and have to spend the money on the same products every year. Now you can be organized and still save the decorations for years to come. The wall system that you show above is also a great way to help accomplish this. All of the above is better than just throwing into the garbage.

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