Painted Kitchen Islands

A couple of months ago a friend and I were discussing painting her oak kitchen cabinets and one thing I recommended was to (at a minimum) paint her kitchen island.  Kitchens with both painted and wood surround will benefit from the modern look of an island painted in a completely different color.   

Galley or small space kitchens don’t allow for a work island, but for those where space permits, a kitchen island is a handy surface and storage area for cooking preparation and also casual meals when counter stools are factored into the design.  

Your style of your cabinetry and personal color preferences should always be considered when opting to paint your kitchen island a different color.  Often homeowners choose a serene shade of blue or green they’ll enjoy for years to come. 

cornflower blue island bhg

painted pale blue island bhg

painted blue island bhg

seafoam green island bhg


Since the kitchen is the space where you start your day, consider making your island a focal point in a sunshine yellow or other fresh citrus shade of lime green or tangerine.

sunny yellow island bhg

citrus island bhg

green kitchen island bhg


Neutral choices are wonderful too and guaranteed to be soothing.  Think of taupes and grays or classic black as sophisticated choices for bringing contrast to your kitchen cabinets. 

taupe island bhg

neutral gray island bhg

black painted kitchen island bhg


If you’re thinking of painting your kitchen island the steps are doable and can be completed in a weekend, just follow these steps to paint your cabinets.  A really good bonding primer is key and also a high quality paint that will stand the test of time.  I prefer the modern water based enamel paints for a harder finish, the ones that mimic oil based paint.  Always be sure to test a few sample colors too before you commit to the final choice!

Happy home improvement!



17 Responses to “ Painted Kitchen Islands ”

  1. I love the idea of two toned painted kitchens. I love the 2nd picture you chose, that is something I could do in my kitchen.So many projects and so little time! I need another one of me around my home :)

  2. I love the colors especially the blue islands. My house has warm colors next to the kitchen. Still trying to find a way to incorporate a blue with a red and tan dining room right next door. If you have a suggestion please feel free to pass on. Look forward to your blog in my inbox. :)

  3. I am interested in one of your islands. Please call me at 810-623-1512 Thank you, Pat

  4. i love the color of the island in the second picture. I am ready to paint my kitchen cabinets and would love that color of blue. Could you please tell me the color?

  5. I agree with one of the comments: could you also send me, via email the name and make of the blue paint used in the second island-the one with the books behind glass. Your article is very inspiring!!!

  6. The second photo is the exact blue I have been searching for!! Will you please send me the name and manufacturer of that color? Thank you so much!

  7. Hi there, could u please send me the colour of the second island? It is the exact blue I want for my island.
    Tanx so much

  8. Did anyone get the babe of the paint used to paint the island in the second picture? It is the light blue. Thank u

  9. And

    And can I have the name of the light grey brick tiles please? They r also n the second picture with the blue painted Island.
    Thank you

  10. I love the pull out table under the island in the sixth picture. Could you tell me the source? I’m currently planning a full renovation and this would be a great solution for my small kitchen. Thanks!

  11. I’d love to know the paint colors of the 2nd and 3rd islands (both are shades of light blue/green).

  12. Hi. Can you tell me the name of the paint color on the island in the fourth picture. It looks really good! Thank you!!!

  13. I am searching high and low for the second island color, has anyone been able to find it?

  14. Please tell me the colors used in pictures #1, #5, and #6 on the
    BHG Centsational Style
    Painted Kitchen Islands
    Written on December 1, 2012 at 9:00 pm , by Kate

    I am painting my kitchen island, cabinets and walls and just love the colors used in 1,5, and 6. Please :-)

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