O Tannenbaum!

Decorating a Christmas tree is a long time tradition that countries all around the world engage in year after year.  The use of decorating indoors with evergreen trees and garlands dates back as far as 16th century Germany and is a custom that continues every December to this day.

Each year we bring our own tree home from a local farm and decorate it in a customary way which includes adding lights, ribbons, beads, and keepsake ornaments from the past.  I do like to choose a new accent color every year for the bulbs!  One year I chose turquoise blue (see it featured here in BH&G) and the next year I opted for traditional crimson shades.  Here is a collection of inspiring evergreens sure to have you humming “O Tannenbaum”! 

Red is the classic shade associated with the traditions of Christmas past and its use in decorating during the holidays is always welcome and nostalgic.  


classic red and white tree bhg


red and gold tree bhg


Fresh blues and greens bring cooler shades to your living spaces such as these trees decked out with shades of turquoise, teal, and Tiffany blue. 


tree with turquoise accents bhg


blue tree decorations bhg


Green is a seasonless color and pairs perfectly with all varieties of fir, spruce, and pine. 


apple green accented tree bhg


green ornaments on tree bhg


Of course you can always throw convention to the wind and decorate with flirty shades of pink! 


pink tinsel tree bhg


Or consider the unexpected color complementary combination of aqua and tangerine.


orange and blue tree bhg



Neutral and earth tones blend seamlessly with evergreens and establish a mood of calm in any holiday home.


earth tone tree bhg


Mix metallic shades of silver and gold as a nod to the classic tune and inject a dose of holiday sparkle during the season. 


silver and gold christmas tree bhg

silver and white tree bhg



When in doubt, there’s no need to choose just one specific color.  Make your tree decorations a medley of bright multicolored ornaments to bring cheer to your home!  


multicolored christmas tree bhg

multicolored christmas tree


If serenity and simplicity are what you crave, avoid the bright colors and opt for a fresh white-as-snow presentation with a flocked tree and layers of white accessories. 


snow white flocked tree bhg


The tree is an opportunity to share ornaments from the past and your Christmas tree should always make you feel good every time you sit and enjoy it.  And there’s nothing more meaningful than a tree that’s filled with keepsakes and memories.


family photo christmas tree


How do you decorate your tree every year?  Do you pick a fresh color and change it up each season or do you fall back on the favorite traditions of the past?  What is the best kind of Christmas tree? 



5 Responses to “ O Tannenbaum! ”

  1. I love all these trees! Makes me feel warm and cozy ;)
    I usually in the past opted not to stick with a color scheme, and since I was younger and just starting out I used everything I had acquired being in my early twenties. Now that I’m in my late twenties, have collected a little more and decided to do a theme of aqua, red and silver this year and I love it!!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. My favorite tree was when the kids had out grown most of their stuffed toys and had packed them all up.
    We put multicolored lights on the tree and stuffed all of their stuffed animals and such into the tree. Finished it off with candy canes and an old fashioned paper chain with reversible wrapping paper that had a print on one side and solid red on the other. It was a memory filled tree that just made you smile when you looked at it.
    Only trouble was, they wanted to keep the toys.

  3. All are amazingly gorgeous!

  4. what kind of tree is that in the picture with the 2 little girls?

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