7 Spaces for Built-In Benches

We installed a built-in window seat in our home a few months ago and we’re loving the comfort it brings, plus the bonus of additional storage below.  Built-in benches have a way of communicating to everyone “it’s time to sit and stay awhile” and they always make a home feel more welcoming. 

There are plenty of places to squeeze in a built-in bench, whether it’s one you install yourself or hire out with the service of a professional.  Either way, the end result is a cozy place to sit and get comfortable.   Here are seven different spaces to consider for including a built-in bench in your own home.  

The entry is a perfect place for a built-in – squeeze it in underneath the stairs as a place to store outerwear or as a perch for removing shoes.

bench under stairs bhg


A perfect way to start your day is curled up in a cozy bench that is built into a breakfast nook.  Pull up a table and a few chairs and the space becomes an instant gathering spot for breakfast or brunch.   

built in dining nook bench bhg


Bathrooms are another place to wedge a small built in bench for the purpose of daily grooming.


built in bathroom bench bhg


I’ve mentioned before the benefits of a multitasking mudroom.  Large or small, a built in bench is a natural fit in a space designed for transitioning from indoors to out.  


mud rom build in bench bhg


A nook with a window seat in a bedroom is desirable to most.   If space permits, consider adding a built in bench to a niche to encourage lounging and daydreaming in a bedroom retreat.


built in window seat bhg


A main living space will certainly benefit from a window seat bench where you can add decorative pillows and store reading material nearby. 


living area built in bench bhg


Last but never least, don’t forget the great outdoors!  Something as simple as stacked cinderblock can become a perch for lounging on lazy summer afternoons. 


cement block bench bhg


Do you have the good fortune of a built-in bench in your home?  Where is it and how much do you love it?


15 Responses to “ 7 Spaces for Built-In Benches ”

  1. Does anyone else think that 3rd picture (the bathroom one) looks photoshopped?? I thought it looked pretty neat until I took a closer look and then I couldn’t figure it out.

  2. These are huge spaces. How about some ideas for the 1500-1800 sq ft homes or the 800 sq ft NY apartments most of us live in?

  3. Great idea Marcie, I’ll try to write something up soon!

  4. Andrea, I think its the way the picture is taken. I thought at first the sinks were on a marble ledge or something. Then when I read your comment & looked back I could tell the base the sinks are on is off the floor. The marble ledge is the base around the floor.

  5. Where can I find plans to build one?

  6. Where can I find the plans to build one?

  7. Dang why does everybody Come Up with this Photoshopped crap,, Cant they just Comment about How pretty Something Is SMH all of them are beautiful,, I just wish I had a Place for One

  8. They’re not photoshopped. They are floating. The gray tile you see are actually acting as baseboards and the part that looks like a platform is actually the wall color.

  9. Any tutorial recommendation? I love the breakfast nook idea!

  10. Erin you are absolutey correct, they are floating cabinets. Shelby you are also correct. If you can’t say something nice, just don’t. Just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it was “photoshopped”!

  11. Does anyone know where the black ceiling light in the first photo is from? It would be perfect in our mudroom.

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