November 2012

Decorating a Christmas tree is a long time tradition that countries all around the world engage in year after year.  The use of decorating indoors with evergreen trees and garlands dates back as far as 16th century Germany and is a custom that continues every December to this day.

Each year we bring our own tree home from a local farm and decorate it in a customary way which includes adding lights, ribbons, beads, and keepsake ornaments from the past.  I do like to choose a new accent color every year for the bulbs!  One year I chose turquoise blue (see it featured here in BH&G) and the next year I opted for traditional crimson shades.  Here is a collection of inspiring evergreens sure to have you humming “O Tannenbaum”! 

Red is the classic shade associated with the traditions of Christmas past and its use in decorating during the holidays is always welcome and nostalgic.  


classic red and white tree bhg


red and gold tree bhg


Fresh blues and greens bring cooler shades to your living spaces such as these trees decked out with shades of turquoise, teal, and Tiffany blue. 


tree with turquoise accents bhg


blue tree decorations bhg


Green is a seasonless color and pairs perfectly with all varieties of fir, spruce, and pine. 


apple green accented tree bhg


green ornaments on tree bhg


Of course you can always throw convention to the wind and decorate with flirty shades of pink! 


pink tinsel tree bhg


Or consider the unexpected color complementary combination of aqua and tangerine.


orange and blue tree bhg



Neutral and earth tones blend seamlessly with evergreens and establish a mood of calm in any holiday home.


earth tone tree bhg


Mix metallic shades of silver and gold as a nod to the classic tune and inject a dose of holiday sparkle during the season. 


silver and gold christmas tree bhg

silver and white tree bhg



When in doubt, there’s no need to choose just one specific color.  Make your tree decorations a medley of bright multicolored ornaments to bring cheer to your home!  


multicolored christmas tree bhg

multicolored christmas tree


If serenity and simplicity are what you crave, avoid the bright colors and opt for a fresh white-as-snow presentation with a flocked tree and layers of white accessories. 


snow white flocked tree bhg


The tree is an opportunity to share ornaments from the past and your Christmas tree should always make you feel good every time you sit and enjoy it.  And there’s nothing more meaningful than a tree that’s filled with keepsakes and memories.


family photo christmas tree


How do you decorate your tree every year?  Do you pick a fresh color and change it up each season or do you fall back on the favorite traditions of the past?  What is the best kind of Christmas tree? 



When given the choice between open or hidden storage, most people choose the latter.  The rationale behind closed door storage is that mass amounts of material can be hidden from view, and closed storage certainly is a premium for the non attractive things we need from day to day or require as the seasons change. 

However when it comes to your keepsakes and memorabilia, displaying your favorites out in the open allows you to appreciate them on a daily basis, and also communicates to visitors your personal taste and sense of style.  Here are five great strategies for displaying your personal things out in the open.  

A Curated Collection.   Open shelves are the perfect opportunity to place your passionate pursuit on display.  Avoid the temptation to scatter your collection around the house and instead gather your objects together on one unit, displaying them at different heights and angles for all to appreciate.   

open metal shelving with cameras bhg


Subtle Shapes.  Geometry is your best friend when layering similar objects out in the open.  Notice how the individual pieces of coral on these shelves are placed in a diamond shape, and how the silver objects form an invisible triangle.   By making shapes up and down the shelving, you lay a foundation for order within your display.      

built in shelving dining room bhg


Group and Gather.   If closet or pantry space is limited, you can organize kitchen or other home goods effectively when you gather like objects closely together and in larger quantities, such as the bottles, dishes, and utensils cleverly grouped on this open metal shelf unit. 

open metal pantry shelving  bhg


Symmetrical Stacks.   When arranging books, consider laying them one way.  The purposeful placement of books stacked symmetrically creates a calming backdrop on a large freestanding shelf unit.  

stacked books bhg


Palette Precision.  Sticking to one medley of colors (pick only two or three) allows you to mix and mingle objects freely.  It doesn’t matter if they’re organizational or decorative if all of the objects on display wear hues from the same color family.  

blue and green palette bhg


How do you artfully organize and arrange your collections and memorabilia in open view?



In December, we all turn our thoughts to decking the halls in holiday style and Mother Nature offers us an abundant amount of decor.  When brought indoors, evergreens bring the festivity of the season along with them.  Here is a collection of ideas to inspire some simple and natural holiday displays around your home too. 

A bay leaf garland swaged with colorful ribbon on a staircase and tall winter berry stems in colorful vases instantly brighten an entry.      


bay leaf garland and berry stems bhg


Boxwood draped in front of a window makes a simple yet elegant statement.   Use the extra clippings on your tabletop with a medley of fresh fruit, candles, and your favorite decorations to form an effortless display that lasts all month long.


swag garland over window and evergreen centerpiece bhg


Cedar guarantees glorious scent when suspended casually around the home on a shelf or mantel.  Paper reindeer ornaments are a whimsical nod to Santa’s sleigh ride.  


christmas garland on shelf bhg


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We’re adding a wall of glass blue tile to our hall bathroom in the next few weeks as part of an ongoing remodel and so I’ve got glass tile on my mind.  It’s been popular for a decade now for its cool texture and watery reflective qualities.

There’s something so stunning about a bathroom covered in gorgeous glass tile from ceiling to floor, the look is one incredible design statement!

blue glass tile bathroom bh


Whether you choose a mesh mosaic or larger pieces installed in an offset pattern, glass tile wrapped around bathroom walls is visually striking and brings gorgeous contrast when paired with warm wood.

blue glass wall tile bhg


Making a stylish statement with glass tile doesn’t require tiling all the walls.  Just an accent wall or backsplash behind the vanity is equally beautiful and more affordable since you’re covering a smaller area.

glass mosaic tile bhg


glass tile vanity backsplash bhg


Consider the shower stall as another place to use glass tile to add color and pattern to your bathroom space.

green glass bathroom tile bhg


Mix complementary patterns in varied scale to add texture and color.  Make the medley more interesting by using different tile from the same manufacturer’s palette and installing the mesh tiles in various patterns around the space.

glass tile border in bathroom bhg


Glass tile also mixes beautifully with other tile products including ceramic, porcelain, stone, and marble.  Accenting more traditional tile with a strip of modern glass is yet another way to add contemporary flair with glass tile and preserve a bathroom’s timeless style.

white tile and cabinets bhg


If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom with a fabulous glass tile accent, here are 12 favorites!

glass mosaic tile


From top left:   Neutral Blend by AKDO; Blue Mirage by Ann Sacks; Matchstick Twilight at Glass Tile Store; Escape Blend, Oceanside Glass Tile; Loft Ice Cave Circles at Glass Tile Store; Epoch Glass Blend, Home Depot  Vicenza Hand Cut Glass in Verde at Cooltiles; South Beach Frosted blend by AKDO; Lume Sticks in Amber, Ann Sacks; Epoch Contempo Black Mosaic at Home Depot; Pearl Glass by Vidrepur; Offset Glass Tile in Spring Green



The holidays are upon us and I’m in full preparation mode, are you?  I try to get a jump start on a some of the holiday decor before Thanksgiving so it doesn’t feel so rushed in December. 

One of the ways to count down to Christmas is with an advent calendar, and it’s especially fun if you’ve got kids at home.  Kids love the surprise of small treats while they anxiously await the arrival of Santa.  Advent calendars can be simple or ones that you create with a few hours of crafting.  To inspire, here are a few fun ideas from the Better Homes & Gardens gallery to consider if you plan to incorporate the advent calendar tradition in your family’s holiday festivities. 

Adhere tins topped with numbers to a wreath form with glued magnets and fill them with treats for a daily sweet surprise. 

advent wreath bhg


Boxes of all shapes and sizes can be embellished and numbered as mini gifts are unwrapped and enjoyed leading up to Christmas Day. 

decorated boxes for advent bhg


Patterned paper bags filled with treats and suspended from rope strung across a window are a fun way to brighten your kitchen or family room and keep the tradition front and center. 

paper bag advent


A wooden box with doors can be painted with each door labeled with a number – pull it out every year and hang it on the wall to increase the holiday excitement around the house! 

wood cabinet advent bhg


Use stocking caps (or mini mittens!) suspended in a row to hide trinkets or sweets in the countdown to Christmas. 

stocking cap advent bhg


Small colorful envelopes numbered for each day make perfect hiding spots for loving notes or sweet little trinkets.  

envelope advent bhg


If you’re less inclined to fill 24 boxes, print clues on pieces of paper where other prizes may hide around the house with 12 envelopes attached to a bulletin board. 

condensed advent bhg

Do you celebrate the season of Advent with a calendar or other traditions? Do share!



Greetings to everyone on this three day weekend!  I was just getting in the mood for the upcoming holiday decorating season by looking through the gallery of fun DIY projects I’ve created over the past few years – hopefully they might inspire you too!

Create a marabou feather tree with dowel rods and feather boas from a craft store.

marabou feather tree



Stitch a simple sew fur trimmed tree skirt to add a bit of glam under your tree.

 fur lined tree skirt


Make a fresh boxwood kissing ball with evergreen springs and foam.


boxwood kissing ball


Craft paper straw snowflakes for tree ornaments or to use as unique gift wrap.


paper straw snowflakes


Turn an ordinary office supply corkboard into a tree shaped card holder with fabric, ribbon, and nail heads for a one-of-a-kind way to display holiday cards. 


holiday card holder


Express a seasonal sentiment with a DIY candle created with a glass vessel, microwaveable candle wax, cardstock letters, and paint!

 wish candle


For even more holiday DIY projects, hop on over to the holiday decorating project gallery!


What plans do you have to create something new this holiday season?



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