Colors for Boy’s Rooms

I remember asking my little boy (who was five at the time) what colors he wanted for his big boy room and wasn’t surprised when he said “blue and green”.  Boys are often drawn to greens and blues, oranges and reds, for their bedroom spaces, and gray or black as they get older. 

Boy’s rooms should be spaces that encourage a child’s imagination and transition over time as boys grow from adolescents to teenagers.   Here are a few fun color palettes to inspire your boy’s room design.  

Wood + Blue.  Blue is a popular choice among the lads and thankfully so much kid decor comes in shades of navy or mid tone blue.  Mix these shades with honey wood for a classic boy’s room combination you’ll both be fond of year after year.

wood tones navy accents bhg


Red + Blue.   This palette is a great one for boys since its reminiscent of superheroes and also a classic combination inspired by the American flag.  Mix linens in stripes and plaids and add furniture painted in either a bold shade of red or blue.  

red bunks blue bedding bhg


Orange + Green.   Against a pale blue backdrop, orange furnishings and green accents come together in a playful combination for a growing imaginative boy.  

orange cabinets in boys room bhg


Green + Blue.   The cooler tones of green and blue are a no fail combination when decorating a boy’s space.  Pull in masculine accents in shades of black or gray for contrast.

blue and green boys room bhg


Blue + Orange.    Blue and orange are complements on the color wheel and a favorite among boys.  How about a bright orange accent wall with navy blue furniture or bold blue stripes on the wall with an orange headboard or bedding?

orange wall navy bed bhg

 blue and orange boys room bhg


A touch of brown is a third color to consider when combining blue and orange – the striped duvet covers establish the tiered palette in this shared boy’s bedroom space. 

blue and orange boys room with stripes bhg


Blue + White.   Stripes are a favorite in both kid and grown up spaces.   For a ‘collected over time’ look, mix several patterns in a combination of blue and white for timeless appeal.

classic blue and white boys room bhg


Gray + Red.    Gray continues to be a popular neutral and works for both younger boys and teenagers.  Add pops of red in the form of toys, colorful bins, or sports themed bedding for a fresh dose of color. 

gray bed red accents bhg

red and gray boys room


Blue + Black.   Adding a chalkboard wall is a clever way to encourage creativity in a boy’s room.  Avoid the dark overload of a four black walls by establishing a two tone paint combination with contrasting shades of blue or gray above and below. 

black and blue boys room bhg


Muted + Multicolored.   Kid spaces are a great opportunity to add multiple layers of color to a room, but resist the urge to go overboard with too many saturated tones.  Take color cues from a quilt or cheerful striped rug which layer several muted shades together but do not overwhelm with too many competing colors of the rainbow.

plaid blanket boys room bhg


multistripe rug kids room bhg


So many of these color combinations work well for girl’s rooms or shared rooms as well, and next week so we’ll take a peek at other color palettes for girl’s rooms and playrooms.  

What color palettes have you used to decorate boy’s spaces in your home? 





21 Responses to “ Colors for Boy’s Rooms ”

  1. I love blue and orange for a boy’s room! The complimentary colors just work so well together. Gray and red are super cute too. Great ideas, thanks!

  2. Not a fan of the chalkboards popping up all over. Dust dust and more dust

  3. So many great ideas! My son loves green and red and tractors. I haven’t seen any ideas on this color combo. I’ve looked on Pinterest too and couldn’t find anything. Does anybody know of any great red/green boys bedrooms? Thanks in advance!

  4. I did my son’s room in a soft green and tans. It was when he was younger and was into dinosaurs so I used those in the room too. I loved the colors and it was very calming.

  5. I LOVE the orange and blue… Brendan (my youngest) has that in his room, but the blue is lighter….

  6. sounds perfect Gwen!

  7. Where can i find the striped comforter in photo with surfboard

  8. I, too, would love to know where I might find the multi-stripe comforter (orange, blue, brown) in the picture with the surfboard. LOVE it!

  9. Where can I find the blue, brown & orange striped comforter (pictured with surf board)?

  10. PLEASE TELL ME WHERE YOU GOT THE COMFORTER WITH THE SURF BOARD that all the other people are asking about. I can’t seem to find it anywhere!!! PLEASE!!! Then I’ll stop yelling with the cap lock lockson :)

  11. Where did you find the striped comforter that is with the surfboard??? I know everyone else is asking for it, I just wondered because I am redoing my boys room and it would be PERFECT!!!

  12. Still trying to locate the bedding set in the picture with the surfboard… Anyone have any luck?

  13. I don’t have a source guide, so so sorry Erin!

  14. Hi Erin, I spy some similar ones at The Company Store and Company Store Kids (search ‘striped duvet’ and ‘striped comforter’) also check West Elm, they have a few fun striped bedding sets too.

  15. Has anyone found the comforter with the surf board?

  16. Does anyone know what colour of blue is on the wall in the ‘orange, blue, green” room? Also looking for the colour or beige / brown that is in the orange and navy room. Thanks!

  17. Does anyone know what color of gray in the 10 th pic?

  18. Where can I find that striped duvet – brown, orange, blue, green one? What’s the brand? Thanks!

  19. Are you able to tell me where I can get the doona cover with the brown, blue and orange stripes? Thanks.

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