Ways to Make a Bed

One of the ways to ensure you get a great start to your day is with a good night’s sleep.  The bedding you choose certainly contributes to that goal, but bedding needn’t be just practical.  Style is always a big part of creating a serene bedroom environment.  Here are five different ways to make a bed both relaxing and beautiful. 

Casual & Comfortable.  The primary focus of making of a bed is ensuring that it’s cozy so the first focus should be on soft and comforting linens.  Investing in higher thread count sheets and the perfect sleeping pillow are a guarantee of a better night’s sleep.  A soft duvet cover filled with a genuine or synthetic down keeps the covers cozy and warm. 

all white bed bhg


layered neutral bedroom bhg


Tailored & Textured.   Anything goes these days when it comes to layering linens in a bedroom.  Combine velvet with linen, lambs wool with cotton, and quilted or matelassé with wool for tangible softness. Mix in contemporary patterns that belong to a complementary color palette for added visual interest.  

gray palette multiple textures bhg

  tailored bedroom bhg


Pretty & Practical.    Often the sleeping pillow is the plainest among the bedding.  Placing it behind decorative shams allows the bed to be a stylish focal point by day and at night the sleeping pillow is readily available when it’s time to turn down the covers.  Layering a comfortable throw at the end of the bed brings style and adds greater warmth when necessary. 

green and white bedding bhg


twin bed bhg


Cottage Chic.   Cottage style is always a combination of casual, collected, and cozy.  Get the look by gathering complementary patterns in soothing colors and layering the skirt, coverlet, and decorative pillows in a comforting collection. 

cottage chic bedroom bhg


colorful cottage style bedroom


Patterned & Playful.    The bedroom is another opportunity in your home to decorate with pattern and color.  Layer geometrics, florals, stripes, and solids in a playful manner that welcome you each time you enter your bedroom.

playful pattern bedroom bhg


playful patterned duvet bhg


What do you consider the most important essential of a well made bed? 



22 Responses to “ Ways to Make a Bed ”

  1. Love all these bedrooms!

  2. I love picture number 1 and I was wondering if you could provide me with in info on where I can purchase the white bed in the picture. I am going to duplicate the room.

  3. Hello, could you please tell me where I can get the molding for the ceiling topping, or how can make the topping of the drapery that comes down from the headboard in this first picture? Thank you Karen

  4. I love all the rooms! As I looked at each picture I was sure it was the room for me till I scrolled to next room…. Haha….loved ‘me all!!

  5. How do you select the perfect pillow. While I am all too familiar with a 600 or better thread count for sheets, I can’t seem to find that perfect pillow firm but not hard or too soft. I’ve spent hundreds – please help!!

  6. I would give anything to know where to find the rug in picture eight or one very similar…that rug could be used in so many different areas of my house, and would transition so well for my growing girls. Please Kate if you have any info on that multi-pastel- colored rug, I would so appreciate it.

  7. As a European, I really don’t get the point of having a thousand pillows on a bed. Where do you put them at night ? I really don’t understand. In my opinion, it makes the beds look overly fussy and stuffed. Aren’t a pillow and an upholstered headboard ok ? Add a duvet and you have a great, easy going look.

    I still saved the twin bed image in my inspiration file, and I love all of the palettes above !

  8. @Cassandra- There is a similar one called Botanical Isle Rug on the Home Decorators Collection website, but I’d think a Google search for oval pastel rag rug would bring up alot of options.

  9. The more pillows the better! I have found that when adding decorative pillows to my bed buying them just doesn’t fit into my budget. I actually end up making them and save a TON of money. Sometimes fabrics stores in town are a bit to expensive though. I tend to do my shopping online. Check out

  10. Thanks for the link Cheyenne! Here are a few more great online sources for fabric~

  11. Hi Cassandra, yes do a search like Colleen suggested for “muliticolored braided rug” – I know Sears has some options and there are a lot of companies that carry that traditional American style rug.

  12. Hey Jennifer, it’s really hard to find the perfect pillow! I think you start with what kind of sleeper you are, back, or side, then choose what you prefer for stuffing, down, synthetic down, or polyester, then how full you want it. Yes, it’s hard to find a good one to sleep on!

  13. Hi Tewanda, the Company Store and Bed, Bath, & Beyond both have good quality plain white linens for an all white bed.

  14. Cassandra, if you happen to check back here that rug is from LL Bean Home..it’s the Chenille Braided Rug.My sister in law ordered it several years ago and it is lovely but I notice on their website that color is no longer listed..don’t know if it is no longer available or just sold out. You might give them a call to find out. Good luck!

  15. Hey!
    Can you tell me where I can get the bedspread/set in picture number 4…

  16. I’ve been searching online for a bedspread similar to the black and white one in picture #9, but I can’t find any that are as simple. Do you know where it’s from?

  17. I wish they would tell you the paint colors and where all the products came from!

  18. Where do you get the turquoise government on picture 8?

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