Clever Places to Store Crafting Supplies

Hobbies such as crafting, quilting, scrapbooking, card making, and sewing give many the satisfaction of taking a few quiet hours to create something unique with their own hands.  For any enthusiast, the supplies for creative hobbies can quickly takeover storage space in the home, so it’s helpful to have one dedicated zone where all of the necessities can be corralled in one place.  Here’s a peek at several clever places to store scrapbooking or crafting supplies around the house. 

A Crafting Closet.  Tuck supplies into assorted boxes and store them inside a spare closet keeping small essentials organized in labeled plastic bins or colorful cardboard boxes. 

craft storage in closet bhg


craft room in closet bhg


Desk + Hutch.   A desk with small drawers provides storage for all of the smaller crafting essentials plus the added bonus of a horizontal workspace, while a hutch provides ready-to-go supplies that are within arms reach. 


craft desk and hutch bhg



Boxes and Bins.   Purchase patterned boxes or allocate small drawers or special bins in a corner of your home to your crafting needs so they’re readily accessible when you have an afternoon to tap into your creativity and start a new project.

 file cabinet drawers for storage bhg


shelves or bookcases for storage bhg


Open Shelves.   A set of open shelving installed above your home office desk or even in your laundry room is another place to utilize unused wall space and store stacks of quilting fabrics or crafting supplies. 


shelf craft storage bhg


craft shelves bhg


Dedicated Cabinet.   Keep all your supplies united in one place with a single cabinet dedicated solely to the storage of crafting needs. 


craft cart bhg

painted craft cabinet bhg


Open Wall Space.  A hanging organizer or cabinet allows you to utilize the vertical space in your home and store crafting supplies on the wall near your creative zone.   


wall space for craft storage bhg

craft wall cabinet bhg


Dedicate a Room.  A luxury for most but if square footage permits, dedicate an entire room to your creativity, outfitting it with a work surface, plenty of drawers for storage and shelves that hold supplies in boxes or magazine files.


Meredith Publications/Storage Magazine/Butson/CMR#2781367


blue and green craft room bhg


For even more inspiration see this gallery on unexpected craft room storage ideas

Are you a crafter or quilter or scrapbook enthusiast?  How have you organized all of the supplies you need for your hobby in your home? 




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  1. I love the clear peg board. I didn’t realize it exists! I don’t like white peg board. Very inspirational post!

  2. Please tell me where the desk in the second to bottom picture comes from. I love it. Fantastic blog, informative and engaging, as always. Thanks!

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