Dramatic Dark Walls

As much as I love light and bright spaces, I’m always drawn to intensely deep hues on walls.  When balanced with plenty of white, dark walls add sophistication and elegance.  Here are five favorite shades to inspire you if you’re feeling the need for drama to your home by darkening the walls of any of your spaces. 

Mocha.  Chocolate brown is warm and enveloping in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, or offices.  It can lean masculine when mixed with dark wood, but is also kept contemporary when balanced with plenty of white or paired with pops of citrus like lime green and lemon zest.     

chocolate brown wall in bedroom bhg


chocolate wall with yellow bhg


chocolate brown walls in bathroom bhg


chocolate brown walls with beadboard bhg


Slate.   Mid tone gray is chic choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms too.  Mix in muted or shiny metallics, mirrored finishes, or glamorous accents to heighten the sophistication.


slate gray bedroom bhg


medium gray walls bhg


gray walls in bathroom


Plum.    Deep eggplant or purple is a regal choice for adding drama to a bathroom or kitchen.  Plum is especially elegant in a dining room where family and friends linger over meals and conversation. 


plum walls in bathroom bhg

 plum walls in kitchen bhg

 plum dining room bhg 

Stone.    Dark taupe is a color that is a cross between charcoal and brown.  Shades of stone complement both gray and beige furnishings and will pair with any warm or cool color palette you choose for your accessories.  


taupe gray living room walls bhg

taupe gray walls bhg

stone taupe walls in library bhg


Charcoal.   Gray continues to be a popular neutral this year, and charcoal is the darkest version of it.  Deep gray envelops an entry and will guarantee drama when juxtaposed against white trim or cream furnishings.  


charcoal entry walls bhg


charcoal gray wall in bedroom bhg

  charcoal gray living room bhg


Have you dared to go dark in your own home with any of these shades mentioned?  Or do you love navy, emerald green, dark red, or deep orange?  Have you discovered a favorite dark shade of paint you’d like to share? 



13 Responses to “ Dramatic Dark Walls ”

  1. I just bought teal coloured paint for my kitchen…haven’t gotten it up on the walls yet, maybe this weekend!

  2. I totally agree, it takes guts which I don’t often have :-)
    I am slowly making my way around the house and have used rich colors in certain rooms…after the initial shock have been very happy with the dark colors. I’m particularly drawn to the greys and the charcoal in these pics is so charming.

    Cheryl Thornton, teal in the kitchen sounds delightful!

  3. We painted our bedroom in Martha Stewart’s Plumage, a dark teal color, and have plans to paint our dining room navy. I’m so in love with the darker colors, I think I want to paint our living room plum now too. My husband thinks I’m going a little overboard, but he’s colorblind, so what does he know?! : )

  4. I just painted my bathroom navy and I love it against the white accents. Kind of wish I had gone with a dark gray though, that’s my favorite :)

  5. I am in love with dark cozy rooms. I have painted a few dark spaces in my home and it’s amazing how it changes the feel of the room.

  6. This is great, I really like the slate and charcoal walls. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!

  7. I think the Stone would look great in my Great Room. What brand is it?

  8. I’ve gone with a dark charcoal (Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron) in our small basement bath. I’m planning on following your advice Kate and offsetting it with lots of white and shine through a big mirror and chrome fixtures. So far I’m loving the dark paint. Now I just have to lay the tile!

  9. it does not tell you the brand of any of these can you let me know?thanks

  10. tanq so mach

  11. very good

  12. very nice

  13. thank you

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