Multitasking Mudrooms

One thing I long for in our home is a larger space I can officially call a “mudroom”.  We have a very small closet near our back entry and we use it as a place to kick off our shoes or hang up coats, but it would be really nice to have a unique space dedicated solely to the task of corralling all of our shoes, boots, and outerwear each day.

A true mudroom is a dream come true for many families with children enrolled in sports or involved in the daily activities of coming and going from school.  What are the essentials for any multitasking mudroom space?  Here are five of my favorites.

Bins and Baskets in Lockers or Cubbies.   A labeled basket and locker or cubby specified for each family member is a great way to keep it all organized!  Avoid the frantic search for jackets, shoes, or backpacks when everyone has a space of their own.


cubbies and striped baskets bhg


baskets in mudroom bhg


rolling bins and shelving bhg


Handy Hooks for Hanging.  Hooks maximize the use of vertical wall space and provide grab and go convenience for when you’re ready to head out the door.


hooks in entry bhg


hooks in the mudroom bhg


Clever Clotheslines.   Winter rain and snow guarantee wet attire and outerwear when family arrives back home.  Installing a clothesline in a dedicated zone means you have a place to hang moist clothing so it dries in time for the next day’s activities.


hooks in mudroom bhg


clothesline in mudroom bhg


Beneficial Benches.   Whether your bench is freestanding or built in, a bench is that one small piece of furniture that is essential for putting on or taking off shoes and boots at day’s end.


rustic bench in entry bhg


peg rail in mudroom bhg


A Welcoming Wall.   The good news is that mudrooms or entries don’t require much real estate to serve a very useful purpose.  If you have a blank wall in your entry, a bench between two bookcases coupled with a few hooks above is all you need to create for a multitasking storage zone.  


bookcase cubbies bhg

A freestanding bench with contemporary legs pairs with a wood hook rail and transforms a small hall into a practical entry with less than 5 feet of wall space.


small entry mudroom bhg


Hooks, benches, cubbies, baskets, and clever uses of wall space are the essentials to getting the most use out of an entry.  Do you have a mudroom in your home?  What are the tools you use to make it work best for you and your family? 


10 Responses to “ Multitasking Mudrooms ”

  1. Baskets & Bins are an organization tool that has come a long way! I love displaying the various colors and textures they now appear in!

  2. Hi Kate! Great Inspiration, especially since school just started and organization is a must. One day I hope to have an official “mudroom”. But in the meantime, I made a work horse out of a tiny little closet for around $100. Hope you can check it out!


  3. Perfect timing ! I’m posting my mudroom/mulipurpose room re-do hopefully tomorrow :) Just got some great last minute ideas! Thx

  4. We have absolutely loved our Mudroom that we hacked from IKEA tv cabinets! It is study and keeps the clutter from filtering into the rest of the house.

  5. I love alliteration! I love your writing! And your ideas are great too!

  6. Where can I buy the white shelves with pegs in the picture named “Welcoming Wall?” This set up is just what I’ve been looking for.

    I have the same type of alcove by my front door so this would be perfect. I don’t want to make the shelving myself. Thank you!

  7. Hi, where is the last idea from, that’s just what we want but cannot find it anywhere. Any ideas?

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