10 Small Space Home Offices

It’s so nice to have a separate room dedicated solely to a home office, however the luxury of that extra square footage isn’t possible for everyone.  We all face the daily obligations of responding to email or bill paying, so a space for a home office makes sense for most of us.  Here are ten ideas for setting up a home office absent a room solely dedicated to the task.

1.  The Secretary.   How tidy is this solution?  A portable piece of furniture like an armoire or secretary allows you to store supplies for correspondence and then close it up at day’s end when your tasks are complete.


secretary home office bhg


2.  The Corner.     Truth is, corners exist in every room, right?   Take a look around and ask yourself, is there one corner where you could add some upper cabinets and a desk below?  If so, that’s the place to insert a home office!


corner home office bhg


3.  The Alcove.   A narrow space that includes shelves and a desk becomes a stylish work station with room for storage behind a pretty fabric skirt.


alcove office bhg

4.  The Cart.   Portability is a bonus with this setup!   If space permits, wheel it into a closet or spare room so it disappears when visitors arrive.


cart home office bhg


5.  The Wall.   An office can be created virtually anywhere along a blank wall, whether it’s the top of the stairs or a wide hallway.


blank wall two desks bhg


6.  The Dining Room.   In any home with a formal dining room, consider using it as a home office/library instead.  Store your books on shelves along walls and treat it as a library and home office by day.  A table in the center can easily be set for guests when its time to entertain and serve a meal.

 dining room library office bhg


7.   The Kitchen.   Tucked away in a kitchen, a home office in this zone allows you to keep an eye on the spaghetti as you socialize online or search for new recipes.


kitchen nook home office bhg


8.  The Craft Zone.  Have you dedicated a space in your home to your creative side?  Fantastic!  Why not incorporate some office supplies too, adjacent to your laptop.  Scrapbook, craft, and pay bills all at the same time with a multitasking zone like this.


craft room home office bhg

9.  The Niche.   A few square feet can make for a cozy office space, such as this niche with built in cabinetry.  It’s the perfect place to catch up on email and balance the checkbook too.


niche home office bhg


10.  The Spare.   A guest or spare room is another great place to insert a desk for use by day while visitors use the space to slumber by night.


spare room office bhg

Small space living never means you need sacrifice a fully functional home office!  With a little creativity, you can steal some square footage in a corner, niche, or alcove in your home and include a place for a computer and office supplies.

Where have you set up a home office in your home?


22 Responses to “ 10 Small Space Home Offices ”

  1. These are some great ideas! We recently created “the wall” space in our home. We used two parsons desks side by side, their shallow depth makes them blend in perfectly in our living room without taking up too much space!

  2. Great inspirations Kate! I need a small one for me- though we just completed our library/office, I still feel I need my own little one- a secretary is a great idea – but I would love to have a vintage piece for that and place it beside my bed. :-)

  3. I love #10 ….. its a clean happy space for all! My mother has a space similar to this in her Florida home, which is where I sleep when I travel to visit her!

  4. #9 is perfect for my house! I would love to have this!

  5. Great article. Sometimes in a pinch we set up a home office in a corner or the kitchen and it just doesn’t flow well.

    But if you do a little remodeling and add on some cabinets or custom build a few shelves it can make a world of difference.

    Thanks for the ideas!

  6. Love the hook on the side of the Secretary Desk for the purse!

    I have to ask — Where do you locate such awesome photos for your Blog? They are so inspiring! Thanks!

  7. Love the pink rolling cart. Where did you find it?

  8. Love number 3 “corner desk” but I can’t seem to find that set up anywhere. Do you have a supplier?

  9. I love the desk in #8. Who makes it?

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