Fresh Fall Centerpieces

Yes, it’s in the air, can you feel it?  Autumn has arrived!  The air is getting cooler and the leaves are beginning to change.   Nature puts on the best show this time of year and provides us with plenty to work with when creating seasonal centerpieces.  Here are my favorites to inspire you this season in creating a beautiful display! 

A branch stabilized in moist floral foam and wrapped in burlap sack makes an stately centerpiece on a simple fall table.  Pair it with smaller arrangements of flowers in fall colors.


autumn branch centerpiece bhg


Pine cones purchased at a craft store or collected on an autumn walk make perfect vase filler.  Add mini ornaments suspended on simple branches to complete the look.


vase with pinecones bhg



Natural acorns make charming ornaments too, you can even add craft paint to the shells for a fun pop of color.


acorns on manzanita branches bhg


What is fall without pumpkins?  Silver painted minis make elegant candleholders on top of mercury glass candlesticks.


mercury glass candlesticks with mini pumpkins bhg


Dip leaves in a golden bowl for color and float candles on top for ambiance.


bowl with leaves and candles bhg


The bounty from your annual apple picking tradition surrounds a pillar candle in a large glass bowl.


candles and apples bhg


Nuts and berries in tiered bowls and urns bring nature’s treats to your fall table.


urns with nuts bhg



A collection of mini pumpkins and walnuts forms an easy natural vignette on top of a pretty beribboned cake stand.


cake stand pumpkins bhg


Cinderella pumpkins make a beautiful tiered display when stacked in varied colors and sizes.


stacked pumpkins on table bhg


A simple rectangular white tray corrals a changing collection of pumpkins, flowers, and stems.


pumpkins and flowers on tray bhg


White pumpkins faux or real can be carved out to form vases for fresh flowers in seasonal shades.


white pumpkin vase bhg


Branch clippings truly are the easiest centerpiece such as festive green acorns.


acorn branches bhg


Bowl of pears or figs from the market and some branch clippings for an effortless display.


clear vase with fall leaves bhg


Are you inspired by this season in decorating your home?  What are your favorite autumn accents to bring indoors?



6 Responses to “ Fresh Fall Centerpieces ”

  1. Love the acorn ornaments on the branch. Reminds me of a Holiday Mantle I designed. Take a look at my Mantel Magic Blog Post to see a photo! Thanks!!

  2. You always make decorating look so easy! It’s so difficult for me – I’m just not a natural! You’re examples help me out so much!

  3. Love all these inspirations! But my favorite would have to be the twigs and leaves you can bring indoors – too bad, I didn’t get to do that this year, maybe next year! ;-)

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