Versatile IKEA Pieces for the Home

I discovered IKEA five or six years ago and ever since I did, I’ve been a big fan of their affordable products.  We’ve turned their Billy bookcases into built in shelving, used IKEA kitchen cabinets to make a window seat, and their Vittsjo shelves to store books and games too. 

IKEA products have been popping in homes featured in Better Homes and Gardens for years!  Some of their units have been discontinued but other popular pieces like the Expedit and the Maskros ceiling pendant are still available. 

IKEA’s Expedit shelf is a popular choice for its contemporary clean lines and functionality.  When paired with the Knipsa basket, it makes a great organizer for the home office or playroom.


expedit with knipsa basket bhg


Since the piece is finished on both sides, it works equally well as a room divider.


expedit room divider bhg


Consider it for your collection of dishes, bowls, and ceramics for an open display in a dining space. 


expedit in dining room bhg


Some Lack shelving units (since discontinued) were turned sideways to create a unique storage center in the dining space below, but today’s narrow Expedit could achieve a similar look. 


lack storage in dining bhg


Stand it straight up to maximize vertical space in a small room in need of storage.


ikea lack storage bhg


The IKEA Maskros chandelier for makes a big statement in a bedroom, dining room, or office. 


ikea maskros pendant bhg 

IKEA’s Majby woven chairs are no longer available but there are few similar rattan chairs in stock that work in any casual dining or gathering space. 


ikea majby chair


Navigating an IKEA is practically an all day event when you visit their design center, but I’ve learned if you know what you want before you go, you can find the larger pieces by bin or aisle number online, saving yourself valuable time by heading straight for the stock room.


Here are 12 very versatile IKEA staples for the home!

versatile ikea picks

From top left: Maskros fixture, $90; Byholma chair, $90; Jonsbo Barby table lamp (three colors), $60; Vittsjo shelf, $70; Bjursta table & 6 chairs, $899; Stockholm coffee table (2 colors); $199 Billy bookcase (with doors); 149; Expedit shelving (five colors), $90; Ektorp chair (five colors), $150; Nordli bed, $249; Hemnes dresser (four colors), $299; 5 x 7 Alvine rug, $199.

Have you shopped at IKEA for your home?  What is your favorite piece?



6 Responses to “ Versatile IKEA Pieces for the Home ”

  1. The Ikea Expedit shelves that are hung horizontally on the wall – how do you think they are hung to support the weight of the items on the shelves?

  2. Hi Melanie, my best guess is with strong L brackets into the studs, but you can’t tell from the picture how they are hung. If it were me, I would use 4″ L brackets secured under the opening of the shelving and anchored to the wall studs.
    Anyone else have a suggestion?

  3. Im not sure the expedit narrow would work the same as the lack. The shelves are removable, not stationary like the lack, and we’ve noticed a lot of wobble due to its thinner walls. I sometimes regret not having gone with the lack–for those of you deciding between the two….

  4. I got the cutest stamped metal letter holders for my home office at urban office ( – my daughter tried to steal them from my desk so i guess i’ll have to buy her one for her birthday!

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