Ten Simple Ways to Decorate with Fall Leaves

With Labor Day weekend just a few days away, the time is near when we turn our thoughts to the upcoming autumn season and the festivities it includes, from football games to Halloween haunts.  For many, fall is their most favorite season for its cooler weather and the guarantee of a vivid show from nature.   

Keeping your fall decorating as simple as can be gives you less time spent indoors and more time spent outdoors enjoying the beauty of the changing season.  Here are ten simple ways to decorate with autumn leaves !

1.  Spray adhesive, cardstock, and ribbon are all the supplies you’ll need to transform fallen leaves into ornaments for display on branches around your home.


pressed leaf ornaments bhg


2.  Gather a collection of oak or maple leaves and string them up along a bookcase, table, or countertop for a festive fall display. 


fall leaf garland bhg


3.  Decoupage small leaves to wax candles to dress them up for a centerpiece. 


fall leaves on candle bhg


4. Press leaves between heavy books to flatten them then display them behind glass or in a shadow box to make seasonal shelf or mantel art.


framed leaf pressings bhg


5. The fall season brings the harvest and with it comes savory flavors.  Schedule a wine tasting party and label your vino with cardstock leaves cut from colorful papers. 


fall leaf wine tasting bhg


6. Acorns are easily glued to a craft frame, then layer a leaf on linen inside as a focal point.


acorn frame leaf in center bhg


7. Speaking of frames, if you have an empty one, paint it in a vivid hue and insert a simple autumn leaf garland as the subject matter.


fall leaf garland in frame bhg


8. Use a dab of craft glue to adhere real leaves or ones made from paper to a pumpkin, vary the colors of the leaves or paper for interest.


leaf covered pumpkin bhg


9. Gather miniature vases and insert leaves collected on an autumn walk for a colorful display on a tray. 


fallen leaves in mini vases bhg


10. Clip branches and place them in a tall vase for a simple yet stunning show on the mantel. 


fall leaves on mantel bhg


Are you excited for the upcoming show from nature? 

How do you decorate with fall leaves?



20 Responses to “ Ten Simple Ways to Decorate with Fall Leaves ”

  1. Perfect timing for me with this post. I am getting ready to start decorating for fall and cannot wait!!!!!!

    I want to buy mums and plant them in my urn now : )

  2. I have no idea how I am decorating for fall…..I guess I better start thinking about it :) I like the frame idea with the acorns. My little man could help with that!

  3. I have just picked approx. 100 Gourds! What do I do with them all?????????

  4. It’s so exciting to see all you can do with fall leaves. I love the fall and all the beautiful warm colors. Although I live in calif. and the tress don’t turn like the east coast I still manage to find a small collection. Fall is exciting to me because it means the holidays are just around the corner.Thanks Better Homes and Gardens I have always loved your ideas!

  5. Gourds can be used in so many ways. Decorate them and make them into bird houses. Make into musical instruments by putting rice or other small hard objects in them for a rhythm instrument. A hole on one side can create “notes” when you slap your hand over it, compressing the air inside. Make a centerpiece by arranging some with unusual shapes with fall leaves, acorns or other seasonal objects. I have an interesting branch which I decorate with fall leaves, and vines. I place it in front of my fireplace as a backdrop for pumpkins, lanterns and other decorations

  6. Thanks Gina, I am already seeing the leaves changing on some of the trees, I can’t wait till they’re falling all around us, such a great time of year!

  7. I took maple leaves last fall, , laid them on autumn colored felt and cut around the felt. Next I used spray adhesive to connect them and wrapped picture wire around the back to make pretty napkin rings.

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