DIY: Cabinet Door Memo Board

I love an easy do-it-yourself project, especially one everyone can do!  This project provides hidden organization inside a cabinet in your kitchen, mudroom, or office, and you can customize it with your favorite fabric for a fun pop of color like this cheerful Ikat inside a computer armoire I recently painted. 


diy fabric covered memo board



Supplies you will need:  cork tiles from an office supply store; cotton fabric of choice; box cutter or X-acto knife; stapler; multipurpose glue for securing different surfaces; push pins.

1.  Remove the cabinet door so you can work with it laying flat on a table, and determine the desired width of your fabric covered memo board.  If you have an inset on the back of your cabinet, it helps to work with that dimension, if not, simply pick a point an inch or two away from the edges so the new memo board won’t interfere with proper closing of the cabinet.   Carefully trim tiles with a box cutter or X-acto knife to your desired width.


box cutter for cork tiles


2.   Lay your trimmed cork tiles on top of your pressed fabric and trim, allowing two inches to wrap around on each side. 


tiles on fabric


3.   Attach the fabric to the cork tiles with an office stapler, make sure the fabric lays flat and doesn’t wrinkle as you work your way around.


staple fabric


4.   Apply a healthy amount of strong glue (one designed to adhere to multiple surfaces) to the backs of your cork tiles.


adhesive glue on cork


5.   Carefully rotate the fabric covered cork tiles and place them on top of the inside of the cabinet door.  Use heavy canned goods or quarts of paint to weigh down the cork on top of the cabinet door and allow glue to set for 24 hours.


cans of paint on fabric covered memo board


6.  Reattach your door to your cabinets for a customized fabric covered memo board you can use for calendars, reminders, or mementos. 


memo board inside cabinet


An inexpensive and easy way to add a little organization to your day!



4 Responses to “ DIY: Cabinet Door Memo Board ”

  1. Looks great!! Any suggestions for an alternative to glue? I’d like to have a cork board inside a kitchen cabinet door. Thanks!

  2. I don’t have an armoire to adhere it to–I just want to put it on the wall. Do I need to glue it to plywood or is there something thinner that would work to give structure?

  3. That turned out really pretty with the Ikat fabric! I’m going to make one out of burlap and will attach it to some plywood, since it’ will just be hanging on the wall beside my computer! Thanks for sharing your idea!

  4. I did something similar with bulletin board and a woven fabric dishtowel to hang on a side wall near my food prep surface. Perfect for pinning the recipe card/magazine page while cooking.

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